Page 2 - Barrow Economic Development Report 2017
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        The 2016 year-end summary includes 10 expanded businesses in Barrow County

        creating 183 jobs and $ 49.2 million in capital investment.

        ?   Firms  expanding  their  businesses  in  Barrow  in  2016  included  Progress  Container,  Schuetz  Container
            Systems,  Solvay  USA,  Petco,  Olympic  Steel,  Trinity  Rail,  Cantsink,  Republic  Services,  Northeast  Georgia

            Medical Center and Chateau Elan Winery & Resort.

        ?   Progress Container has expanded into 60,000 sq.-ft of existing
            warehouse space while design and construction of a new 170,000
            sq.-ft expansion to their existing 170,000 sq.-ft facility is underway
            at Barrow Industrial Park. Their 2016 capital expenditure was
            $1.2MM on land and equipment and they added 15 employees.

        ?   Schuetz Container Systems, an industry leader in liquid food
            grade containers, has increased its number of employees to 160
            up from a 2015 employment of 142, production to 6 days a week
            and has added over $500,000 in production related equipment.  Schuetz 320,000 sq. ft. facility on Bankhead Highway along CSX Rail
        ?   Solvay USA, a global leader in chemical manufacturing, has
            invested over $4,500,000 in equipment in its 200,000 sq. ft.
            Winder Production Plant in Barrow County.

        ?   Petco expanded their DC operations in Braselton by
            adding 250,000 sq. ft. in a second DC to their existing
            550,000 sq. ft. DC, bringing their total footprint in
            Barrow County to 800,000 sq. ft. with a captial
            investment of $500,000 in equipment and 50 new

        ?   Olympic Steel, a metal fabrication supplier to
            Caterpillar, has added over 60 employees to bring their
            total employment to 130.                                 Solvay 200,000 sq. ft. facility on Bankhead Highway along CSX Rail
       ?    McConway & Torley, a Trinity Industries national rail
            car facility in Winder, has implemented $1,000,000 in
            capital improvements in each year for 2015 and 2016,
            adding to their capacity to repair and maintain rail cars.

       ?    Cantsink, a solar industry company, is increasing its
            presence in Barrow County by the purchase of 5
            additional acres and construction of a 60,000 sq. ft.
            building at a captial expenditure of $1,000,000.

       ?    Stepan, an international chemical manufacturing
            facility, added 5 new employees and $3.5 MM in
            2015 and $2.5MM in 2016 in equipment capital
            expenditures increasing its production efficiency in
            its 75,000 sq. ft. Winder Plant.                        Progress Container 170,000 sq. ft. facility in Barrow Industrial Park

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