Page 6 - Barrow Economic Development Report 2017
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             Lanier Technical College opens new 10,000 square foot Mechatronics Lab at the Barrow
             Workforce Development Campus adjacent Sims Academy of Innovation & Technology

             and to Park 53 Industrial & Technology Complex.

        ?    After opening the 67,000 square foot Lanier Technical College
             Barrow Campus in 2015, the Mechatronics Lab opened in 2016
             providing multidiscipline training in the fields of mechanical
             engineering, electrical engineering, computer control and
             information technology. The 10,000 sq. ft. lab provides new and
             existing industries technical training opportunities to support
             workforce development.
        ?   Sims Academy of Innovation & Technology and the Barrow
            County School System continue to partner with existing industry
            leaders in Barrow County, such as Schuetz Container, Chateau
            Elan, DHX Electric Machines, Akins Ford, Progress Container to
            develop apprenticeships and work-based learning opportunites

            to support workforce development.
        ?   Lanier Technical College Barrow Campus continues to focus on
            workforce development. The College provides Move On When
            Ready / Dual Enrollment in coordination with the Sims Academy of
            Innovation & Technology. Apprenticeship programs, in partnership
            with local industries, combine class time and work experience in
            disciplines, such as, Mechatronics, to develop a highly skilled and
            experienced workforce.
        ?   In addition to Mechatronics, the College added building
            automation systems and wireless engineering technology to its
            curriculum in 2016 to support existing and future building and
            technology needs.
        ?   Lanier Technical College, recently named Georgia’s
            Technical College of the Year, is the fastest growing
            Technical College in Georgia and one of the top 50
            fastest growing two-year colleges in the nation.

        ?   The  Barrow  County  School  System,  the  4th  largest
            Charter System in the State, has over 13,000 students
            and  was  recognized  as  one  of  the  top  ten  charter
            systems in the State in 2016.
        ?   In 2016, both Apalachee High School and Winder-Barrow
            High School recieved recognition as Advanced Placement
            STEM and Advanced Placement STEM Achievement

        ?   Barrow County Schools benefit from partnerships with
            local businesses, such as Panoz LLC /DeltaWing, and
            universites like Georgia Tech, Emory and University of
            Georgia, which provide students with online virtual tours
            and learning labs led by industry engineers and university

                                                                                           Barrow County, Georgia
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