Page 5 - Coffee County Strategic Plan FY19-FY23
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Our Schools

        T     he Coffee County School System is composed

              of eight elementary schools (pre-kindergarten
              through grade five), one middle school (grades
        six through eight), a ninth-grade academy, one                                                Sherri Berry,
                                                                                                      Principal of Coffee
        comprehensive high school (grades ten through twelve),                                        Middle School,
        one separate college and career academy (grades nine                                          was named Middle
        through twelve) and one alternative program (grades six                                       School Principal
        through twelve). The school system is governed by a five-                                     of the Year by the
        member board of education elected for a four-year term on a                                   Georgia Association
        non-partisan basis. The school superintendent is appointed                                    of Secondary School
        by the board and serves as the chief executive officer.                                       Principals (GASSP)
                                                                                                      for 2018-2019. Ms.

        The system serves 7,569 students in Pre-K through grade                                       Berry is shown with
        twelve. Forty-five percent of the students are White, 31%                                     Dr. Morris Leis,
        percent are Black, 20% are Hispanic and 4% other. The pre-                                    Superintendent
                                                                                                      of Schools.
        kindergarten program serves 406 students or about two-
        thirds of the four-year-old population. The school system
        employs 534 K-12 classroom teachers, 494 support
        personnel and 301 substitute teachers and temporary
        employees. The student to teacher ratio is 22:1. Seventy   u   Pre-kindergarten Program for 4 year-olds
        percent of classroom teachers hold a master’s or higher
        degree. The teacher turnover rate has declined from 9% in   u  Early Intervention Program Grades K – 5
        2007-08 to 7% in 2017-18.                             u  Title I Grades K – 12

        It is the goal of the Coffee County School System     u  Migrant Education Program Grades Pre-K – 12
        to provide students with a sequential, challenging    u  English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
        curriculum that builds on a solid foundation and develops      Program Grades K – 12
        the skills and proficiencies needed for a successful career
        and productive life. The K-12 curriculum includes the   u  Special Education Program for Students with
        Georgia Standards, Career Pathways, and additional state-     Exceptionalities Pre-K – 12
        required curriculum. The Coffee County School System
        provides a solid core curriculum that is supported by a   u  Gifted Programs Grades K – 12
        myriad of resources and programs to help each student   u  Career Exploration Opportunities Grades 6 – 8
        maximize his or her potential. Course offerings include
        language arts, mathematics, science, health/physical   u  Remedial Education Program Grades 6 – 12
        education, social studies, fine arts, foreign language,   u  Honors/Advanced Placement Courses Grades 9 – 12
        and career, technical and agricultural education. This
        is accomplished through the coordination of state and   u  Career, Technical and Agricultural Education
        federal funding for programs such as those listed at right.     (CTAE) Grades 9 – 12
                                                              u  NJROTC – Grades 9 – 12
        The student assessment program includes the state-
        mandated Georgia Milestones End of Grade (EOG)        u  Dual Enrollment at the Secondary Level with South Georgia
        tests for grades 3-8. End-of-Course (EOC) tests are       State College and Wiregrass Georgia Technical College
        administered to grades 9-12 students in ten subjects.
        Benchmark and other formative assessments are         u  Technology Integration
        administered periodically to determine students’ progress   u  Virtual Learning/Georgia E-learning Online Courses
        as they pursue their program of study.

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