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                                                                                OUR C OMMUNITIES

                                                                                  For many, a neighborhood is just as
                                                                                important as the dwelling they call home.
                                                                                Georgetown County has plenty of unique areas
                                                                                for every kind of resident. The Lowcountry
                                                                                has Southern charm that welcomes families to
                                                                                create an unparalleled quality of life. You’ll feel
                                                                                right at home in any of our five communities.

                                                                                CIT Y OF GE ORGET O WN
                                                                                (POPUL A TION 9,0 2 4)
                                                                                  Georgetown has the legends and landmarks
                                                                                befitting its standing as South Carolina’s third
                                                                                oldest city. The area has heard Native American
                                                                                tribal ceremonies, seen American colonists
                                                                                declare freedom from the British, and felt the
                                                                                harvest of rice fields.
                                                                                  First settled by the Spanish along the
                                                                                Sampit River in 1526, Georgetown is rich with
            Georgetown was named                                                nearly five centuries of history and cultural
                                                                                heritage that you can still explore today.
          “Best Coastal
          “Best Coastal                                                         Founding Fathers with ties to Georgetown
                                                                                include Thomas Lynch, Jr. (a signer of the
             Small Town”                                                        Declaration of Independence), General George
             Small Town”
                                                                                Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette.
                                                                                  Rice was the major cash crop in South
             by USA Today in 2018!                                              Carolina in the 1800s, and Georgetown
                                                              Georgetown Harbor  produced more than half of the nation’s entire

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