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Population: 61,399               MEDIAN                                  GE ORGET O WN C OUNT Y             A
                                                                                          B Y THE
                                         HOUSEHOLD         $ 45,299                                                 -GL
                                         INCOME                                   NUMBERS                           ANCE

                                           MEDIAN          50.0%

                                           AG E            MARRIED-COUPLE

                                           47.9            FAMILIES                    15:1 R ATIO

                                                                                 26.1%      Bachelor’s Degree or Higher
                                           AVERAGE              25
                                           COMMUTE                                   Graduate & Higher 86%
                                                                                       High School
                                           TIME               minutes

                                                               Sources: US Census Bureau American FactFinder 2017; Sperling’s Best Places

        rice crop. You can still visit some of the rice                         perfect for paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing,
        plantation homes from that era.                                         and other watersports. Miles of pristine beaches
           Today Georgetown enjoys an ideal                                     lined with the quintessential beach cottages
        balance of historical presence and                                      await you here.
        progressive culture. A walk down the historic                             With a slower pace of life, the Garden City
        streets of the city will take you through a                             area has a certain therapeutic quality that will
        preserved historic district filled with quaint,                         help you unwind and relax from the chaos of
        singular shops and revitalized historical                               daily life. Coming home to Garden City is like
                                                         Garden City
        family homes, bed and breakfasts and house                              going on vacation every day.
        museums, open to the public.        GARDEN CIT Y
                                            (ES T . POPUL A TION 9,4 56)        LIT CHFIELD
                                               Only eight miles south of Myrtle Beach,   (ES T . POPUL A TION 14 , 3 21)
                                            unincorporated Garden City, which straddles   Litchfield Plantation, one of the major rice
                                            Georgetown and Horry counties, has the luxury   crop producers of the 18th and 19th centuries,
                                            of city amenities while still being secluded   inspired Litchfield’s name. Today, Litchfield
                                            enough to enjoy starlit nights and sounds of   offers secluded beaches, beautiful golf courses,
                                            crashing waves.                     and awe-inspiring natural scenery.
                                               Ending on a peninsula at the mouth of   Just north of the Town of Pawleys Island,
                                            Murrells Inlet, the area is a prime location for   unincorporated Litchfield is a private haven on
        ANDREWS                             fishing and crabbing, while the inlet waters are   the Atlantic Ocean, close enough to enjoy the
        (POPUL A TION 2 ,896)                                                                area’s attractions, culture
           The Town of Andrews is nearly 110 years                                           and entertainment.
        old and, while small in size, has much to offer                                         Litchfield’s population
        including the perfect setting for encounters                                         includes a relatively large
        with nature along the Black River and many                                           contingent of retirees,
        scenic trails. The town is known as the home of                                      people who were financially
        entertainer Chubby Checker who popularized                                           prepared to exchange their
        the 1950s dance, “the Twist,” and birthplace of                                      busy careers for a long,
        legendary comedian Chris Rock.                                                       active, social retirement.

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