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Arts at the Heart                                                                   GAINESVILLE                                                                                       CULTURE & LEISURE

	 The heart of any community can be                                                                                   H A L L C O U N T Y GEORGIA - USA
found in the arts. Gainesville/Hall County
possesses a proud reputation for the                                                  Uniquely
support, diversity and celebration of the                                           HALL
visual and performing arts.
	 Brenau University is naturally a major      The Lake Lanier Olympic Park in North Hall County is hosting the 2016
player in Hall County’s arts community,       Pan-Am Championships for Canoe/Kayak and the 2016 Continental
actively producing or hosting performances    Olympic Qualifier for the Americas.
of all types to enrich the student body as
well as the surrounding community. The
crown jewel of Brenau University’s historic
Gainesville campus is the illustrious Pearce
Auditorium. Built in 1887, the theater was
named to the National Register of Historic
places in 1978. Other attractions on the
small, pedestrian-friendly campus in the
historic district of the city include the
Brenau Galleries and the John S. Burd
Center for the Performing Arts.
	 Brenau has been the flagship of
Gainesville/Hall County’s cultural and
intellectual pursuits since it was estab-
lished in 1878 as the Georgia Baptist
Female Seminary.

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