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                                                                                                            H A L L C O U N T Y GEORGIA - USA

EDUCATION                                F rom elementary schools, middle                   seven years ago with the World Language                                                 E D U C AT I O N
                                                    schools, and high schools to            Academy, a dual language immersion charter
In Hall County                                      the world-class post-secondary          school, the district now offers parents and
                                                    institutions, Hall County students are  their children over 20 highly personalized
Gainesville/Hall County                  afforded comprehensive educations ensuring         education pathways that include both
residents and their                      that each individual can attain optimum            charter schools and programs of choice at the
children are given endless               personal, professional, and social success.        elementary, middle, and high school levels.
educational opportunities                                                                   	 Students are assigned to schools based
from the area’s highly-                           PUBLIC SCHOOLS                            on their residential addresses, and all schools
esteemed public and                                                                         have a variety of excellent programming
private schools.                           The Hall County School System                    options to meet students’ needs. However,
                                                                                            Hall County Schools believe that engaging
             Riverside Military Academy  	 The Hall County School System employs            young people in rigorous programs that focus
                                         2,040 certified staff members and 1,463            on their individual strengths and interests
                                         classified employees. At the beginning of the      is the way to improve achievement and
                                         2015-16 school-year, 27,012 students were          enthusiasm for life-long learning. Currently,
                                         enrolled in grades K-12 in the system that         the system offers 22 charter schools and
                                         includes 20 elementary schools, 7 middle           programs of choice in an effort to bring
                                         schools, 6 high schools, and 1 charter career      innovative curriculums to the students to
                                         academy high school.                               meet their individual needs. Students may
                                         	 With the support and encouragement               apply to a school with a certain focus or to a
                                         of the Hall County Board of Education, the         school with a unique program that matches
                                         Hall County School System is in the midst          their unique interests, aptitudes and goals.
                                         of developing unprecedented innovative             	 The administrators and teachers of Hall
                                         educational choices for families. Beginning        County Schools are committed to providing
                                                                                            the highest levels of academic excellence;
                                                                                            they work with community leaders and
                                                                                            parents to create an environment of scholastic
                                                                                            achievement, personal pride, and strong
                                                                                            social skills. Innovative, diverse, and widely
                                                                                            esteemed, the Hall County School System
                                                                                            ensures that each student experiences the
                                                                                            most comprehensive and effective education
                                                                                            available today, emphasizing Character,
                                                                                            Competency, and Rigor for All.
                                                                                            	 711 Green Street
                                                                                            	 Gainesville, GA 30501

                                                                                              Gainesville City Schools

                                                                                            	 Gainesville City School System is a Georgia
                                                                                            Charter School System serving more than
                                                                                            8,000 students from pre-kindergarten
                                                                                            through grade 12 in eight specialty charter
                                                                                            programs open to parental and student
                                                                                            choice. Students represent a wide range
                                                                                            of diverse backgrounds which adds to the
                                                                                            richness and quality of their educational
                                                                                            experience. The school district currently
                                                                                            consists of five elementary schools, one
                                                                                            middle school, one high school, and one

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