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                                                                                                              H A L L C O U N T Y GEORGIA - USA

The Milken Institute Report has rated the Gainesville/Hall County MSA among the                      Uniquely
“Best Small Metro Areas in the U.S.” for the fifth consecutive year based on job and salary growth.  HALL

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT                                                                                                                                                                        ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT

In Hall County

Gainesville/Hall County is a vibrant and economically thriving area that offers unlimited
business opportunities alongside a quality of life that is second to none.

Georgia has been ranked “The                      2015 Top Metros Rankings                                 WORKFORCE
              Best Place to do Business” in the             by Projects
              nation for three consecutive                                                    	 The Gainesville/Hall County Metropolitan
              years, and Gainesville/Hall        Population less than 200,000                 Statistical Area (MSA) is among the top 50
County is no exception to that honor.                                                         fastest growing metros in the nation. Hall
Gainesville/Hall County has been rated           2016	 2015	  CITY                            County’s total population is 200,000, with a
among the top 10 Metros in the U.S. for                                                       daytime population in Gainesville exceeding
economic development project locations           	 1	 2	      Sioux City, IA-NE-SD            100,000 people. The population has increased
two years in a row, and Gainesville/Hall                                                      by 6.2 percent since 2010, and is expected
County is ranked #3 in the nation for            	 2	 3	      Bowling Green, KY               to increase by 15.2 percent over the next 10
economic development project locations                                                        years (Governor’s Office of Planning & Budget).
for 2016 among Metros under 200,000              	 3	 6	 Gainesville, GA                      This population increase is due largely in part
in population. As a center of trade and                                                       to the low cost of living, high quality of life,
commerce for nearly two centuries,               	 3	 24	     Janesville-Beloit, WI           and an abundance of career and development
Gainesville/Hall continues to prosper as                                                      opportunities that lead to a financially stable
the trade, medical, educational, retail,         	 5	 93	     Altoona, PA                     and comfortable lifestyle. The median age of
industrial, recreational, and cultural hub 	                                                  the workforce in Gainesville/Hall County is
of Northeast Georgia.                            	 6	 31	     Auburn-Opelika, AL              32 years.

                                                 	 6	 24	     Lima, OH

                                                 	 8	 NA	     Decatur, IL

                                                 	 9	 9	      Burlington, NC

                                                 	 9	 13	     Decatur, AL

                                                 Source: Site Selection Magazine, March 2016

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