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                                                                  H A L L C O U N T Y GEORGIA - USA

         T R A N S P O R TAT I O N                transitions into State Route 365, a route                                                                                                  ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT
                                                  that provides scenic access to the North
   Gainesville/Hall County’s easy access to       Georgia Mountains. Various Gainesville/
major transportation corridors keeps the          Hall County transportation agencies work
flow of commerce moving between area              together and with the Georgia Department
businesses and the world. Interstates 985, 85,    of Transportation on corridor widening,
75, 285 and Georgia Highways 316 and 400          connectors, and interstate exchanges. A
are only a short drive away, connecting Hall      multi-use trail system is under construction
County to the South’s largest city – Atlanta –    to facilitate and encourage non-motorized
as well as to regional powerhouses such as        transportation options for a more sustainable,
Athens, GA, and Greenville, SC.                   green environment.

   The growing population means that                 Hall Area Transit
transportation issues are very important.
The Gainesville/Hall Metropolitan Planning           Hall Area Transit is a public transportation
Organization (GHMPO) has developed a Long-        system that provides efficient, effective, and
Range Transportation Plan to address transit,     affordable public transportation. 	
air quality issues, and the encouragement         Routes along key arteries, para-transit
of bike and pedestrian transportation             services, and call-ahead, curbside van pickup
alternatives.                      help reduce traffic congestion and minimize
                                                  air pollution in Gainesville/Hall County.
   Roads                                          770-503-3330,

   Interstate 985 directly links to Gainesville/     Motor Freight
Hall County, providing convenient access
to Interstate 85 and the markets in metro            More than 40 trucking companies serve the
Atlanta and South Carolina. Interstate 985        Gainesville Hall County area.

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