Page 10 - 2017 Annual Report
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2016 Economic

             Development Projects

                   by the Numbers

                     New Companies                              During 2016, MEDC worked with seven new
                                                                companies and thirteen existing businesses
                    7 New Companies                             that announced plans to create over 900 new

                 328 New Jobs Created                           jobs. Yulista Aviation, Inc, Guard Buildings,
                                                                LLC and FedEx Ground were among the
                 $45.5 Million Invested                         companies that decided that Macon-Bibb was
                                                                the best place for their businesses.
                  Existing Companies                            There was also a marked increase in new

                                                                jobs added within our existing business and
               13 Companies Expanded                            industry base. Those leading the way during

                 599 New Jobs Created                           2016 were YKK-USA adding 200 new jobs
                                                                and HAECO adding 100 new jobs and
                 $44.7 Million Invested                         investing $1 million in Macon-Bibb.

           Pat Topping receives Honorary Life Membership from SEDC.        MEDC Regional Workforce Summit
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