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Today’s Work is Tomorrow’s Growth

          2017 ushers in a new commitment to economic development through the
          Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce. Working closely with our economic
          development partners, the Chamber has targeted key areas that are critical for
          sustaining job development, economic employment and socioeconomic growth.
          These achievements cannot happen without the partnership of our education
          and business leaders, public officials and community members.
          The regional presence of Mercer University, Wesleyan College, Fort Valley State
          University, Middle Georgia State University and Georgia College and State
          University all prove that high-performing academic talent live and thrive in our
          area. By working collaboratively with these institutions and with our community
          partners to engage underutilized talent, I believe Macon is prime to have a
          renaissance in job creation and secondary education performance success.
          Maintaining a business-friendly environment is also key to our region’s stabilization.
          We act to enable sustained economic growth through the promotion of public
          policy and community development initiatives. Across all facets of business, the   Isaac J. Culver III
          Chamber understands that the importance of a healthy business climate is driven    2017 Chairman
          from the community it serves.

          In addition to the promotion of education and business, we will continue to
          promote regionalism and engage our elected officials at the local and state levels
          to help build a healthy community.

          The success of the more than 150-year-old Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce
          is the result of a combination of its valued members and staff. As 2017 Chair of
          the Chamber, I am honored and grateful for their dedicated support and pledge
          that the Chamber will continue to be a bridge for building a stronger business
          community for all of Middle Georgia.
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