Page 3 - 2017 Annual Report
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Focused on the Future

        Every year, the Chamber’s Board of Directors gathers for two days to set the
        strategic priorities for the upcoming Chamber year. It is a very interactive and
        introspective look at where we are today as an organization and subsequently,
        where we want to be over the next few years. From this meeting, our Strategic
        Plan is formulated and work of the Chamber moves forward.

        Top priorities in our Strategic Plan always include economic development and
        workforce development initiatives both of which have a major impact on our
        overall economy. Each year, there are a number of activities and programs
        surrounding both of these areas which help us raise that very important bar.

        One exciting program that we think will help those areas long term is the new
        Young Entrepreneurs Academy. YEA! is a nationwide program that teaches
        middle and high school students everything they need to know to start and
        run a business. This first class comprised of twenty-three aspiring entrepreneurs
        from public, private and home schools began the process last August, and will
        complete the program with a “Shark Tank” event in April and a Trade Show in           Mike Dyer
        May. Macon is proud to be the first Chamber in Georgia to launch the Young        President and CEO
        Entrepreneurs Academy.

        In partnership with several organizations, the Chamber and MEDC also helped
        fund the pilot of an Accelerator Program in Macon-Bibb. The purpose is to
        help develop and promote high growth, early stage startups that plan to make
        Macon-Bibb their home base while also promoting an environment where
        startups can thrive. Since sixty percent of our members are small businesses, we
        think this will be a great addition to the small business support system.

        As you review last year’s work in these pages, you’ll see that it was a good
        year for Macon-Bibb. New jobs, new programs, and so many positive things
        happening in our great community! With your support, the Chamber will proudly
        continue to promote Macon as the Best Place for Business.
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