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          A Picture Perfect Year

          January                                               February

          ■  Leadership Macon Class of 2016 kicks off the       ■  Annual State of the Community Luncheon
              year with a two-day retreat. Forty-five community     features Mayor Robert Reichert addressing 300
              leaders embark on the annual program focused on       business leaders, highlighting the progress of the
              community and leadership development.                 historic consolidation of Macon and Bibb County
                                                                    and plans for the upcoming year.
          ■  Yulista Aviation, Inc. announces plans to open
              21,000 square foot hanger at Middle Georgia       ■  Chamber’s Board and other community leaders
              Regional Airport adding 50 new jobs.                  host Macon-Bibb Legislative Delegation for
                                                                    dinner to discuss topics of importance to Macon’s
                                                                    business community relevant to the 2016 General
                                                                    Assembly in-progress.

                                                                ■  “A Taste of Macon-Bibb” held at the historic
                                                                    Freight Depot in downtown Atlanta highlighting
                                                                    Macon’s southern hospitality and charm. Over 900
                                                                    of Georgia’s General Assembly, State Department
                                                                    Heads and other state officials are treated to
                        1,046                                       restaurants and caterers.
                                                                    delicious food from 10 of Macon’s fabulous local

                      Members Representing                      ■  The Chamber hosts the 55th Annual STAR
                      53,182                                        students from Bibb County’s thirteen high schools
                                                                    Student Banquet where the best and brightest
                                                                    are recognized.

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