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       Ron Shipman

       Since the mid-1800’s, the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce
       focused on working with businesses to maintain a business-friendly
       environment to help sustain economic growth and prosperity
       throughout Middle Georgia. For 2018, economic growth through
       business success remains one of several key focus areas for our
       chamber. To accomplish this achievement, the Greater Macon
       Chamber of Commerce will continue to forge stronger partnerships
       with our education and business leaders, public officials and community

       These partnerships, with our institutions of higher education like Mercer
       University, Middle Georgia State University, Wesleyan College, Fort
       Valley State University and Georgia College and State University, and with our
       technical college partner, Central Georgia Technical College will help align
       our educational and training programs with the needs of our current and
       future workforce. This alignment will help to ensure that our Middle Georgia
       graduates remain career and/or college ready.

       The Chamber also believes that a strategy for the recruitment and retention of talent will help
       businesses expand. Bright, energetic, intellectually inquisitive scholars will be attracted to a
       vibrant, walkable downtown like Macon, Georgia. This talent recruitment and retention strategy
       will also promote an environment where entrepreneurs will start and grow their business ideas.

       Additionally, coupled with the promotion of education and business success, we will
       continue to be an advocate for regionalism and engage our elected officials, at the
       localand state level, to continue to build a fiscally healthy community in which to live, work,
       invest and enjoy.

       The combination of our engaged investors and talented staff of the Greater Macon
       Chamber of Commerce will sustain an environment of success in Middle Georgia. As the Chair of
       the Chamber of Commerce for 2018, I am honored and excited and I affirm that the chamber will
       continue to link education, workforce development and regionalism with our investors to build a
       stronger business community throughout Middle Georgia.

       Ron Shipman
       2018 Chairman
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