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        Houlihan Bridge at Sunset
                                                                                          History                   4

                                                                                          At-A-Glance               4

                                                                                          Getting Started           5
                                                                                          Things to See & Do        7

                                                                                          Economic Development  10

                                                                                          Education               12

       Welcome  to Port Wentworth

                 h R
                                                              Jimmy Deloach Pkwy
        •  Port Wentworth Chamber of Commerce                 Jimmy Deloach Pkwy
         7532 Highway 21
         Port Wentworth, Georgia 31407                                                      25
         Phone: 912-965-1999
                                                                                              Bonnybridge Rd
         Fax: 912-965-1199                                                                    Bonnybridge Rd                                21                    N Coastal Hwy
                                                                                            Appley Rd
                                                                                 Bonnybridge Rd
                                                                                 Bonnybridge Rd  Chiswick St  Appley Rd
                                                                                         N Coastal Hwy
                                                                                Warren Dr
                                                                                Warren Dr
                                                                                         Chiswick St
                                 Georgia                                                   S Coastal Hwy
                                                                                               Phillips Ave
                                                                                               Phillips Ave
                                V Visitors Centerisitors Center GA SC  Points of Interest  Port Wentworth  Dorset Rd  Mill St
                                                                                             Dorset Rd
                                                                                     Branch Library
                        Tom Trimplett Pkwy
                                                                                                          Mill St
                                                                                           S Coastal Hwy
                                                                                      Dorset Rd
                                                                                      Dorset Rd
          EFFINGHAM COUNTY Visitors Center Tom Trimplett Pkwy  2   Monteith  Augusta Rd  Dorset Rd Crossgate Dr  Gordon St  Falkirk St  Evora St  Dixie St  Cantyre St 17  Turnberry St  Commonwealth Ave Phillips Ave Crossgate Dr  Lumber St
                                                                                                Ed Young Sr. Center
                                                                                                    Crossgate Dr
                                          1   Mulberry Grove
                                                                                                          Lumber St
                 Chamber of
                 Chamber of
                                                                                                     Barnsley Rd
                                                                                                     Barnsley Rd
                                                                            Dorset Rd
                 Commerce &
                 Commerce &
                                                                                          Dixie St
                                                                      Augusta Rd
                                          3   Meinhard
                                                                                        Evora St
                                                                                             City Hall
                 Visitors Center
                                                                                       Falkirk St
                                                                                     Gordon St
                                                                                Crossgate Dr
                                                                                       Akin Dr
                                                                                               Turnberry St
                                                                                            Cantyre St
                                                                                                   Phillips Ave
                                                                                        Barnsley Rd
                                                                                        Barnsley Rd
                                                                                                     Armadale Rd
                      21                  4   Hutchinson Island  170                   Akin Dr  Birkenhead St  Armadale Rd
                                                                                                      Osteen St
                                                                                                      Osteen St
                                                                                                 Commonwealth Ave
                            1                  Savannah                   21             Grounds  Aberfeldy St Rowan Pl
                                                                                              Birkenhead St
               30                               National                               US Post Oce  Turnberry St  Pinehurst Pl  Phillips Ave
                      EXIT 109                                           Downtow      Port Wentworth    Oxnard Dr
                                                                                                        Oxnard Dr
                                                                                                 Turnberry St
                                                Wildlife                               Fire Dept.   S Coastal Hwy
                                                                                                  Pinehurst Pl
                                                                                                     Phillips Ave
                                                                                              Coleraine Dr
                                                                                               Aberfeldy St Rowan Pl
                                                                         Port Wentworth
                           2                GA SC  Refuge  17            Port Wentworth  Wentworth Coleraine Dr
                                                                                                    S Coastal Hwy
                  3                                                                      Police Dept.  Port Wentworth
                                                                                               Elementary School
                                                                                                        Grange Rd
               Jimmy                                                                                    Grange Rd
                                    North Coastal Hwy
             Deloach Pkwy
             Deloach Pkwy           North Coastal Hwy  25
                                   Houlihan                                               Grange Rd
                                                                                          Grange Rd
                                   Boat Landing
                            Bonnybridge Rd
            405             Bonnybridge Rd  Boat Landing
                                   Crossgate Dr
                                   Crossgate Dr
          95                                 GA  SC
                      Gulfstream Rd
            Savannah/Hilton Head  Gulfstream Rd Port WentworthPort Wentworth
                                    Grange Rd
            International Airport   Grange Rd        South                                 Linda Mosely ............................Publisher
                            Port Wentworth                                                 Mark Mosely..................Executive Editor
                            Port Wentworth
                                     City Hall
                           Elementary School  South Coastal Hwy City Hall  Carolina        Nelson Smith .........Marketing Executive
                           Elementary School
         POOLER              Bourne Ave
                             Bourne Ave
                                     Georgia Ports
                                     Georgia Ports                                         Teresa Greer ..................Managing Editor
                                  South Coastal Hwy
                               21                                                          Michelle Lane .... Editor/PR Coordinator
                        307       Mercer Middle School                                     Stephen Hefner ...........Creative Director
                                  Mercer Middle School
             80                     Grov           SC               The Port Wentworth Community Guide   Daniel Thompson ...... Graphic Designer
                                    Groves High Schooles High School
                         Georgia                  GA                is published by Great Southern Publish-  Brittany Carpenter ...... Graphic Designer
                26                                                  ers, Inc., P.O. Box 20568, St. Simons   Joffre Moore ............... Graphic Designer
                                                                    Island, GA 31522, (912) 638-0780.   Taylor Gordon ....Chief Financial Officer
                                                   17         SC    © Copyright 2011 by Great Southern
                                                       4     GA                            Thomas Murrow ..... Project Coordinator
                                                                    Publishers, Inc. Reproduction in whole
                                             Historic Downtown
                                             Historic Downtown SavannahSavannah  or part without written permission is   Martha Lawson ....Proofing Coordinator
                                                                                           Dan Friedman .........Director, Interactive
                                             z                                             Cole Newberry ........Photography Intern
                    16                                              prohibited. Call Great Southern Publish-  Programing
                                                                    ers, Inc. for all your design and printing
                             404                                    needs, (800) 697-5568 or    Kerri McMahon .......Photography Intern
                                                           To Tybee Island
                       Port Wentworth Community Guide 2011-2012  •  •  912-965-1999
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