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                                                                  Lake Lanier Area Visitors Guide
              Laid Back
           Luxury                                              Pursuits
         7 Wild Wonders | 4
           Lake Lanier Olympic Park

            Attractions | 14
           Top Things to Do in and    New to Lake Lanier  | 6  Getting Out with | 23
              Around Lake Lanier                               the Grandkids
                                  Lake lovers will begin enjoying   We’ve pulled together awesome
                                   the Margaritaville lifestyle in   options for grandparents who are
                                  2018 with the partnership of   entertaining kids in the area.
                                   Lanier Islands Management   Saddle Up & Ride | 26
                                  and Safe Harbor Development   From guided tours to training for
                                   bringing the sights, sounds   jumping, the Lake Lanier area has the
                                  and flavors of the world’s most   place for you to giddy up and go.
                                  beloved beach comber, Jimmy
                                  Buffett and his Margaritaville      Buyers
                                     brand, to Lake Lanier.
                  Out &
            About                                             Guide
                                                               Map | 11  Parks | 13
     Get Your Bibb Out! | 17                                   Stay | 29  Events | 34
             It’s BBQ Time.
      BBQ or barbecue, no matter how
       you say it, these 9 smokin’  hot
    joints deliver the best flavor around.
        Fun on the Lake | 21
         & Activities Nearby
      Lake Lanier offers a world of fun.

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