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     Lake Lanier Area Visitors Guide

      7             wonders                                Pecking Order

                                                           World-class athletes flock to
                                                           Lake Lanier Olympic Park to
                                                           compete on the fastest racing
                                                           water in the world. Competition
                                                           can be fierce and sometimes
                                                           feathers get ruffled, but the
                                                           only chickens you’ll find here are
                                                           from Springer Mountain Farms,
                                                           who helped Hall County and
                                                           the City of Gainesville renovate
                               Cast a Line                 the Olympic Tower to preserve
                                                           the park’s legacy.
                               There is so much more to Lake
                               Lanier Olympic Park than paddling   Butterflies
                               and rowing. The park also has a   A-Flutter
                               swim beach, picnic area and
                               fishing shoreline. Pack a lunch,   The Bill Fields Memorial
                               bring the kids to drop a line and   Butterfly Garden, sponsored
                               catch a bass, or bask in the sun on   by Turner, Wood & Smith
                               the sandy shores.           Insurance, is a feast for the
                                                           eyes with gorgeous blooms
                               Scoop to Nuts               all summer and winged
     DRAGONS                   Foraging for food is the favorite   creatures welcoming guests
                                                           to Lake Lanier Olympic Park.
     ARE COMING!               pastime of our furry friend the   Original Paddlers
                               squirrel. During the park’s many
     There will be fire on the water   Food Truck Fridays, you’ll also see   From 10,000 of the rubber variety
     in September during the   people scurrying about checking   during the annual Rubber Duck
     International Canoe Federation   out a wide variety of flavors while   Derby to feathered friends, the
     Dragon Boat World         enjoying music and the gorgeous   park is home to nature’s number
     Championship, where more   views from Olympic Plaza.   one paddlers. When visiting, be
     than 1,000 Olympic-level                                 on the lookout for the park
     athletes will compete during   Best Friends                mascot “Clark”, a White
     this high energy, fast paced   Man’s best friend is welcome at   Pekin duck who makes
     and culturally diverse event.   Lake Lanier Olympic Park (on   the park his home.
     >  www.lanierdragonboat   leash) to explore the paths and                naturalized trail system. While walking
                               your pet, be sure to take in the public
                               art displays from Vision 2030.
      4  Lake Lanier Convention & Visitors Bureau •
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