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Millage Rate

All real and personal property is valued as of January 1st of each year. The County Tax Assessor’s Office assesses all property with the ex-
ception of vehicles and public utilities, which are assessed by the State of Georgia. A homestead exemption is allowed for each taxpayer every
year, once applied for and granted. The amount of the exemption is $4,000 of the assessed value of the property. In addition, there are exemp-
tions for many other areas of property relief with the largest being the frozen values based on property values from 2006. The assessed proper-
ty listing is submitted to the Tax Commissioner to prepare the tax digest from the assessed values.

Once the final digest is prepared, the Board of Commissioners sets a millage rate based on the revenues required to satisfy the budget. Once
adopted, the millage rate and digest are submitted to the State of Georgia’s Department of Revenue for compliance and approval. A millage
rate history is shown in the chart below. *Municipalities within Camden County impose a millage rate established by their governing body which
is NOT reflected in the county tax bill. The diagram shown does not include any exemptions that may be available.

*The Board of Education establishes a separate millage rate which DOES appear on your county tax bill, but is not reflected below. *The
millage rate for State taxes is 0.05 for 2015. By 2016 State taxes will no longer be collected for property taxes. **Property within incorporated
areas of Camden County is not subject to the unincorporated tax district tax levy.

TAX YEAR   *UNINCORP TAX    COUNTY GOVT.                                                            JDA   TOTAL UNINCORP
                DISTRICT                                                                                    COUNTY LEVY
     2015                           11.94                                                           1.00
     2014           **0.67          11.94                                                           1.00             13.61

                    **0.67                                                                                           13.61

Public Works began a new program this year which                                                    This 2004 Refurbished Motor Grader cost the
involves using liner pipes on cross drain replacements and                                          county $169,493.00. In comparison, to purchase a
repairs. This program allows the area under the roadbed to                                          brand new Motor Grader, the cost would have
be repaired by inserting the plastic liner into an existing,                                        been $301,574.00. That is a total savings to the
damaged concrete or metal pipe. In turn, this saves on the                                          tax payers of $132,081.00.
cost of materials, road closures, and man power and also
helps to increase the water flow. This new program cuts                                                         Public Works
about 70% of the project cost compared to the
conventional way.                                                                                   Pothole Repairs                57
                                                                                                    Ditches Cleaned                57
                                 Camden County Public Works consist                                 Work Order Requests            508
                                 of Capital Improvements and Roads &                                Fix It Forms                   29
                                 Bridges. Capital Improvements include                              Roads Graded                   10,126 miles
                                 new building design and construction,                              Roads Resurfaced               2.9 miles
                                 and new renovations. The Public                                    Roads Paved                    3
                                 Works Department has 20 positions                                  Paved Roads Maintained         167 miles
                                 including the Director and 2 office staff.                         Unpaved Roads Maintained       128 miles
                                                                                                    Miles of Public Road           295 miles
                                 The dirt road rebuild program (see the                             Emergency Calls                49
                                 photo to left) involves building up the                            Dirt Road Build Up (49 roads)  12.5 miles
                                 road bed and upgrading drainage                                    Beaver Dams Removed            47
                                 pipes. This program has been used on                               Total # of Roads Maintained    390
                                 7 different road projects in the county
                                 this year.

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