Page 11 - Camden County Annual Report 2015
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As part of the “YOU ARE WHY WE’RE HERE” Campaign, Camden County Citizens’ Academy graduated 37
local area residents this year. The Citizens’ Academy is an 8-week interactive program designed to familiarize
the general public with the roles, services and operation that comprise their Camden County Government.

                                       Pictured left to right: John Tyre, Barbara Jean Tyre,           Pictured left to right: County Administrator
                                       Gerald Howell, Dr. April Howell, Barbara Parkinson,             Steve Howard; David Silva, Sherri Silva;
                                       Steve Walker, Kelly Gibson, Dan Riley, Ben Casey,               Melody Rouse; Sheila Meadows; Brandi
                                       Liz Johnsen, Ginger Readdick, Marjorie Howard,                  Whitehouse; Wayne Greenberg; Dorthelia
                                       Steven Sainz, Diane Lustenader, Eddie Rhone,                    Boykin; Eddie Allen; Marie Boyett; Robert
                                       Carol Riley, Bob Lustenader, Rachel Baldwin, Com-               Wenum; CT Green; Bridget Wenum; Mandy
                                       missioner Vice-Chair Chuck Clark, County Adminis-               Scott; Joy Cooper; Austin Burkett; Stephanie
                                       trator Steve Howard, and Commissioner, Chairman                 Brown; Commissioner Chuck Clark; Liz Nel-
                                       Jimmy Starline.                                                 son; Commissioner, Chairman Jimmy Star-
                                                                                                       line; and Peggy Morton. (Not pictured Randi
Curbside Collection Service                                                                            Kramer)

                                                                                              Walk-In’s Assisted - 3,838
                                                                                               Calls Answered - 12,545

                                                                                              Camden County Library

                                                                                              Served 177,124 Visitors

Judy Buchanan, Director and                                                                            Flood Insurance
Archivist of the Bryan-Lang
Historical Archives was awarded                                                                      Premiums Reduced
the 2015 “Award for Excellence
in Educational Use of Historical                                                              Camden County entered into the CRS
Records” by the Georgia                                                                       Program in 2013 and has maintained a Class
Historical Records Advisory                                                                   8 Rating until increasing to a Class 7. The
Council (GHRAC).                                                                              improved rating allowed for a discount on
                                                                                              Flood Insurance policies that are in flood
                                                                                              zones within the unincorporated areas of
                                                                                              Camden County. Policy holders began
                                                                                              immediately receiving a 15% discount in the
                                                                                              flood hazard area and a 5% discount on
                                                                                              policies outside the flood hazard area.

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