Page 12 - Camden County Annual Report 2015
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The Living Well Clinic provided 247 flu vaccinations in 2015.

Municipality    Camden  City of St.  Public Service    City of  Grand
                County    Marys         Authority    Kingsland  Total
Total Patients
     Seen         2882      918             223          312     4335

                        St. Marys 1001            Camden County
                        Woodbine 184     Public Services Authority (PSA)
                        Kingsland 592
                        Kings Bay 22         Accomplishments in 2015
                        County 1188
                                        Fully integrated three new departments into the
                                        organization by taking over County Facility
                                        Maintenance, Mosquito Control, and Roadside

                                        Several updates to local Parks in the community
                                        ï‚· Built two new screened-in pavilions, one at

                                              Maple Ford Park and one at the Browntown
                                              Wilderness Park, complete with full kitchen.
                                              We saved nearly $400,000 on this project
                                              alone by being our own contractor;
                                        ï‚· Built a new picnic shelter at St. Marys Civic
                                        ï‚· Installed a new, additional playground at St.
                                              Marys Civic Park;

                                        ï‚· Installed a lawn bowling facility at St. Marys
                                              Civic Park;

                                        ï‚· Began installation of a walking trail around
                                              the St. Marys Pond (behind the Aquatic
                                              Center); and,

                                        ï‚· We are currently renovating the soccer fields
                                              at our soccer complex.

                BEFORE               Code Enforcement Process
                        On a day-to-day basis, the Code Enforcement Officer responds to
                        citizen concerns of potential violations of the Official Code of Camden
                        County. Each citizen concern is vetted with an initial investigation.
                        From there, a course of action is determined and, if necessary, notice
                        is given to the violator with terms by which to achieve compliance. If
                        compliance is not achieved; the violator is summoned to appear in
                        Magistrate Court where the violation will be heard by the court. The
                        court will then go through their process and give a final disposition on
                        the violation.

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