Page 15 - Camden County Annual Report 2015
P. 15

County Administrator Steve Howard

          Shares the Vision for

            Spaceport Camden

Steve Howard told the St. Simons Island Rotary Club
he is excited about the idea of bringing a spaceport to
Georgia. During a slide show presentation, Howard
highlighted what he hopes will be a substantial benefit
to the entire Coastal Corner region. The six counties in
the corner, in addition to Glynn and Camden, are
McIntosh, Wayne, Brantley and Charlton. Howard has
spoken to a number of organizations in Glynn and
Camden counties about the project.

“I’m excited for the opportunity to talk about this project
which I think will transform this coast in a very positive
way,” he said. “We have an opportunity to make
history. The vision, and it’s a big vision, is to develop a
world class spaceport that establishes Camden County
as the commercial space center of the United States.”
Howard outlined how the complicated plan, overseen
by the Federal Aviation Administration, is unfolding.
While he expects the project to take up to five years,
the groundwork is being laid now. That includes
permitting and the lengthy approval process for the

Former Technical Chief                                       Camden County was thrust into the Space
with NASA and Georgia                                        Age Saturday on the Tail of a fiery 156’
Tech professor, Dr.                                          Solid Fuel Booster Motor, and truly be-
Bobby Braun said, "If                                        came the “Gateway to Space” (March 4,
approved, this project                                       1965).
will serve as the
foundation for a space
sector transformation in
Southeast Georgia. It
will create both direct
and indirect jobs and
increase tourism. This
project would be a boost
to both higher education
and STEM programs
across the state."

In 1965 Thiokol Corporation tested what was then the world’s most powerful motor in prepara-
tion for the flights to the moon. The test firing was done in Camden County on the site of the
current proposed spaceport. Above are photos of the rocket motor as it was transported through
Woodbine, Georgia.

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