Page 17 - Camden County Annual Report 2015
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The County’s new Strategic Plan was unanimously adopted in March 2015 by the Board
of County Commissioners. This plan established a blueprint for Camden County's future
and consists of A Vision for 2030, Goals for 2020 and an Action Agenda for 2015. The

new plan looks at five-year outcome-based goals, with measurable objectives, and specific

issues and projects that need to be addressed by the county. Having this detailed roadmap
for the future is vital and its lasting effects will help Camden County control its future. A
review of accomplishments was recently completed and future goals were revised to allow
for maximum growth in Camden County.

       Financially Sound County Providing                                                                  Great Place to Live
          Exceptional Services and Value
                                                                                                Beautiful Premier Coastal Community
 Fiscal Stability with ZERO Debt Service                                                       Enhanced Parks & Recreation Facilities
 Animal Control Services Expanded
 Fire/EMS Functional Consolidation                                                                  with Large Open Spaces
 Planning & Zoning Customer Service
 Mosquito Control Services Increased                                                           Abundant Leisure Choices for All
 Jody, Powell & Kayla Road Projects Completed                                                  Relaxed Living with Quality Residential
 LMIG Road Resurfacing Completed
 Improved Working Relationship with Cities                                                          Developments
 Fleet Services Collaboration with City of Kingsland
 Jail Expansion Project nears completion                                                       Improved Access to County Waterways
 Grant Awards                                                                                  Diverse Job Opportunities
 Maintained High Quality County Services                                                       Low Crime Rate

         Planned and Managed Growth                                                                  Grow the Local Economy

 Maintained & Upgraded Condition of County                                                     Re-direction & Effective Expansion

      Roads                                                                                          of Joint Development Authority (JDA)
 High Speed Internet Evaluation Report
 Workable Unified Development Code                                                             Design and Funding for Technical

      throughout County                                                                              College

 Long-term Water Supply Plan                                                                   JDA Funding
 Builders & Public Outreach Program                                                            Spaceport Camden Development of
 Regional Septic Tank Assessment Report
                                                                                                     World-Class Launch Facility
                                                                                                Expand Sports Facilities to broaden

                                                                                                     Tournament Base
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