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Award–Winning                                Uncommon Sharing of
                                                       Fleet Services Makes
         FOUR Achievement Awards
               were presented to                      National Government
              Camden County by:
                                                           Fleet Magazine
1) Co-Sharing Fleet Management Resources:
      Sharing Services Among Different Fleets        Through its inter-local agreement,
      (Best of Category in County Administration     the City of Kingsland and Camden
      and Management)                                County are able to:

2) Magistrate Court Streamlines Arrest                Share the same fleet director;
      Warrant/First Appearance Hearing with
      New Electronic Warrant Process                  Share ideas about process
      (Best of Category in Court Administration and        improvements;
                                                      Share vehicles, shop equip-
3) New and Enhanced Citizens’ Academy:                     ment, and potentially more
      Working in Partnership with the Community
                                                           staff; and,
4) Strategic Plan 2015 ~ 2020 ~ 2030:
      A Blueprint for Success                         Benefit from economies of
                                                           scale in purchasing.

                                                          Co-Sharing Fleet Management Resources: “Sharing
                                                          Services Among Different Fleets” Fleet Management in

                                                            Camden County began as a division for maintenance and repair of Public
                                                            Works vehicle only. In the last four years, the structure of fleet manage-
                                                            ment in the county expanded its focus from merely public works vehicles
                                                            to centralized models including all of the county vehicles under the
                                                            Administrator’s Control. At the end of 2013, the division was restructured
                                                            under the Department of Administrative Services and by the end of 2014,
                                                            a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was completed with the City of
                                                            Kingsland to co-share fleet services. Camden County’s unique agreement
                                                            and the co-sharing of fleet management services received national
                                                            attention with an article in the March/April 2015 issue of Government Fleet
                                                            Magazine. Under the new management, Kingsland’s Fleet Manager is
                                                            responsible for overseeing the county’s fleet management and staff.
                                                            Between the two entities, there are nearly 500 pieces of equipment to
                                                            share, two repair facilities and several employees with different strengths
                                                            and skill sets. The arrangement advanced the division to the next level of
                                                            performance by providing access to more resources and greater coordina-
                                                            tion between government jurisdictions that benefit the taxpayer.

                                                      Camden Recognized as
                                                     Top 10 County in Georgia
                                                     by Niche Ranking System

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