Page 6 - Camden County Annual Report 2015
P. 6

Camden County                                  Fire Rescue Functional Consolidation
   Fire Rescue
                               Signing Automatic Aid Agreements with City of St. Marys & City of Kingsland, thus
EMS Calls              6833         enabling the closest station to respond regardless of jurisdictional boundaries.
Fire Calls             2023
CPR Classes                    Co-Location of an Ambulance with the City of Kingsland, as well as a Fire Engine.
CPR Students            256    Lease 2 Ambulances from the City of Kingsland to enable county to activate a 6th
Stroke Alerts          1071
STEMI Alerts                        Advance Life Support Ambulance.
Trauma Alerts             45   New EMS Zone went Live in January.
Resuscitated Patients     11   Carl Volcy, Nationally Certified ASE Master Mechanic dedicated to repair & maintenance
                         15         of Fire Rescue Fleet.

                               2 New Chevrolet 2500 Pickup Trucks, 3 New Fire Engines.
                               Awarded GAEMS Trauma Equipment grant $23,717.79.
                               New Ambulance Stretcher Lift Kits purchased with SPLOST funds. EMS services installed

                                    Power Load System that has reduced employee injuries by 60%, as well as injuries to

                               Received Emergency Management Planning Grant of $15,654 for Educational Training
                                    and Operating expenses and completed a 5-year update to Hazards Mitigation Plan.

                                    Their Loss is Camden’s Gain                                The Camden County
                                                                                               Landfill collects waste
                       Military surplus Humvee from Long County has been assigned to           from Camden, Brantley,
                       Search & Rescue and equipped with medical equipment to assist           Glynn, Charlton, Nassau
                       Camden Fire Rescue in areas not accessible by rescue squad or fire
                       apparatus. A 25 ft. McKee boat from Morgan County will benefit the      and Duval Counties.
                       Marine Division of the Sheriff’s Office. Both were received absolutely
                       free at no cost to Camden County citizens.

                                    Sheriff’s Office

                              Captain Luther Hires of The Governor’s Office of High-
                              way Safety, and the Coastal Area Traffic Enforcement
                              Network, presented a Saved by the Belt Award to
                              Deputy Lamar Bowen. Deputy Bowen survived a traffic
                              crash when his vehicle flipped nine times. Deputy Bow-
                              en was chasing a North Carolina murder suspect that
                              forced his patrol vehicle off the I-95 roadway resulting in
                              the crash. Deputy Bowen acknowledged that the usage
                              of seat belts, and his body armor, saved his life.

                              Major Chuck Byerly presented a plaque during the pro-
                              gram to Dr. Alan Wilson. Dr. Wilson is a part-time
                              deputy with the Camden County Sheriff’s Office. Dr.
                              Wilson was on duty as a deputy when Deputy Bowen’s
                              vehicle crash occurred. Dr. Wilson rendered medical
                              aid, and stabilized Deputy Bowen, until Camden County
                              Fire and Rescue arrived to transport Deputy Bowen to
                              Shands Trauma Center in Jacksonville, Florida.

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