Page 7 - Camden County Annual Report 2015
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OUR SHINING                           Honoring Our Most Valued Resource…. The Employees
                                  Award winners are as follows: Safety Warrior – Chris Martin, Camden County Fire Rescue (CCFR); Thrifty
  Employees of the                Nickel – Dennis Gailey, Public Protection & Compliance Officer; Future Leader – John Christian, CCFR;
         Quarter                  Customer Service – Paul Henry, Jr. System Administrator; and Humanitarian – Brianna Turner,
                                  Administrative Assistant, Camden County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO).
  Stephen Murdock, Camden
County Fire Rescue, Employee      Most Valuable Player awards from each department where handed out as well and they are: Office of Public
                                  Protection & Compliance – Jean Manning; Clerk of Superior Court – Tami Crews; Living Well Onsite Clinic –
  of the 1st quarter, FY 2015     Barbara Walters; CCSO, Corrections/Jail – Eric Watson; CCSO, Drug Task Force/CID – Mike Walker;
                                  CCSO, E-911 – Tara Smith; Planning & Development – Joey Yacobacci; Administration – Paul Henry; Tax
                                  Assessor’s Office – Zach Taylor; Tax Commissioner’s Office – Kahley Fickett; and Landfill & C&D Site –
                                  Gilmer Dixon.

                                                                                          Buck Johnson  Ronnie Wise

 Barbara Ann Hinkle, Camden       Pictured left to right (back row): Gilmer Dixon, Cyrus  County Administrator Steve Howard recognized two
  County Tax Commissioners        Roberts, Jean Manning, Zach Taylor, Paul Henry,         employees who demonstrate the ability to direct
  Office, Employee of the 2nd     Eric Watson, Ronnie Wise, Dennis Gailey, Chris          individual accomplishments toward organizational
                                  Martin, Mike Walker; (front row), Barbara Walters,      objectives as well as have the courage to make tough
         quarter, FY 2015         Tami Crews, Brianna Turner, Kahley Fickett; (not        decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs
                                  pictured), Tara Smith, Joey Yacobacci, Buck John-       of others. Congratulations to Buck Johnsen for
 Chris Martin, Camden County      sen, and John Christian.                                receiving the Teamwork Award and Ronnie Wise for
Fire Rescue, Employee of the 3rd                                                          receiving the Leadership Award, as both are very
                                                                                          deserving of these awards.
            quarter FY 2015
                                  Employee’s Reaching for the Stars: Continued Education and Training
Cyrus Roberts, Site Hill Super-
visor of the C&D Industrial        Sean Blake, Office of the Clerk of Superior Court - Associates Degree in Criminal Justice
Waste Landfill was named           Joey Yacobacci, Planning & Development - ICC Certified & Mechanical Inspection Certification
Employee of the 4th quarter for    Adam Kabasakalian - Risk Management Certification
FY 2015 as well as the             Judge Conn Cole, Magistrate Court Judge - Teacher, Institute of Continuing Judicial Education
Employee of the Year. Cyrus
was recognized for always going         for Georgia
above and beyond the required
duties, always there to lend a     Dennis Gailey, Code Enforcement Officer - Code Enforcement Training at Carl Vinson Institute
helping hand, and continually      David Gay & Eddie Carver - Promoted to Public Works District Supervisor’s
providing instruction and          David Gay - Re-Certification of the GSWCC Level 01
guidance to those assigned un-     Timmy Sammons & Andrew Scott - GSWCC Level 1A Certification
der his leadership. He inspires
unity by just being himself.                  Employee’s Earn Masters Degree’s in 2015

                                  Nancy Gonzalez, Assistant Finance Director; Adam Kabasakalian, Program Director; and Magistrate Court
                                              Judge, Conn Cole received their Masters of Business Administration Degree’s this year.

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