Page 8 - Camden County Annual Report 2015
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  Performance                    2014                      2015                                   Magistrate Court
                                    27                        32                           Streamlines Arrest Warrant/
   Land Use Permits
                                    37                        43                             First Appearance Hearing
 New Building Permits              189                       184
  Accessory Permits                749                      1451                                with New Electronic
                                   313                       288
Inspections Completed               23                        23                                  Warrant Process
                                $164,711                  $184,774
   Occupational Tax                                                                        The County Magistrate Court
    Licenses Issued                                                                        purchased a new computer soft-
    Alcohol Licenses                                                                       ware program that enables arrest
                                                                                           warrants to be both electronically
          Issued                                                                           submitted to and issued by a
    Fees Collected                                                                         Magistrate Judge.

                        Magistrate Court                                                   Law enforcement officers are no
                                                                                           longer required to drive to the
                        Civil Cases Heard                   478                            Magistrate Court office or to a
                        Civil Cases Filed                 1,696                            judge’s private residence after
                        Criminal Warrants issued          1,499                            hours to get a warrant signed. The
                        Search Warrants Issued                                             Streamline Arrest Warrant process
                        Ordinance Violations Filed/heard      48                           allows officers to remain within their
                                                              70                           jurisdiction and answer 911 calls for
                                                                                           assistance, rather than spending a
                                          Probate Court                                    minimum of one hour per shift
                                                                                           driving to meet with a judge to get a
Clerk of Superior Court         Administration of Descendants Estates 39                   warrant signed and turned in to the
Passports Processed       283   Will Probate Proceedings                       66
Citizens Summoned       3,270                                                              With the touch of a button, warrants
Trial Jury Selections           Guardianship Proceedings                       26          are reviewed by judges and if prob-
Grand Jury Selections      12                                                              able cause exists, the judge and the
Tax Deeds Issued             2  Marriage Licenses                   646                    officer connect via a Skype
Notary Certifications   500+                                                               connection to swear to the contents
Cases Filed by DA         174   Firearm Licenses                    1,518                  of the warrant. Electronic signa-
Cases Disposed by DA      577                                                              tures are affixed and the warrant is
Civil Actions Disposed    672                                                              issued electronically and emailed
                          558                                                              automatically to the issuing office,
                                                                                           judge, jail, 911 center and warrants
                                                                                           division, quickly and efficiently.

                                Misc. Estate/Guardianships                     33

                                                                    Sheriff’s Office

                                                             People Processed       2,361
                                                             Misdemeanors           3,239

                                                             Felony Arrest            871
                                                             Crimes against Minors     45

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