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My Donation

                                                                         Vision Statement
      Foundation Donation Level:   Amount:  $
      Donation Designation:
         General Fund          Armadale Castle & Gardens          Armadale Museum  The Clan Donald Foundation is dedicated to the
      Note:   All donors recognize that 25% of all donations          celebration and preservation of Scottish history,
          may go toward the general fund.
                                                                            heritage, culture and customs.
      Name: _____________________________________________________________
      Address:  ___________________________________________________________
      City:  _________________________State:  ___________  Zip:  ________________  Mission Statement
      Phone: (______) ______ -_________
      Email: ______________________________________________________________  The Clan Donald Foundation:
                                                                    •   Furthers education and preservation
      Payment Type
      Card:         MC            Visa            Paypal            Am Ex  •   Empowers individuals to study Scottish heritage
      Card #: __________________________CRV:  ____________  Exp Date:  _________  by awarding scholarships
      Check #: ____________________________________ Cash:  $_________________  •   Supports museums, libraries, charitable and
      Signature: __________________________________________________________  educational organizations to preserve Scottish
                                                                     history, culture and customs by awarding grants.
      A. Endowment:
      In 2019, the Clan Donald Foundation established an endowment fund so that
      members and friends can provide support in perpetuity for the Foundation causes.
      Contributions in any amount are welcome and may be made in cash, securities, real
      estate and other assets. Donor benefits can include tax deductions and, in the case
      of appreciated property, avoidance of capital gains taxes.
      I/We have provided for the Clan Donald Foundation through our:
         Will          Life Insurance
         IRA           Trust
         Retirement Plan    Other ________________
      B.  Designation of Endowment Gift:
          Endowment:  Please add my donation to the Clan Donald Foundation
        General Fund.
          Endowment:  Please give my/our gift to the Clan Donald cause marked above.
      C.  My/Our Endowment Gift is in the following form and amount:
          Estimated Amount: List either fixed amount or a percent. Since estates fluctuate
        in value over time, designating a percentage of your estate versus a dollar
        amount will maintain the proportionate value of your gift.
          Fixed Amount:   $             Percentage of the Estate:    %
          Cash Amount: (cash and other liquid assets)
          Specific Property: A specific Endowment Gift is one in which you designate
        specific assets to Clan Donald Foundation such as real estate, artwork,
        stocks, bonds, etc.
      D. Percentage of the Estate:
          Residuary Amount: Clan Donald Foundation is bequeathed all or part of    Clan Donald Foundation
        the remainder of your estate after other endowment gifts, debts, taxes    3765 Brighton Way, Reno, Nevada 89509 USA
        and expenses have been paid.                            
          Contingent:  Please attach the terms of the contingency to this form. (An
        Endowment gift to the Clan Donald Foundation takes place only if the                                          
        beneficiaries named in your will predecease you.)
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