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                   Business & Industry

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                   Myrna White              Shar’ron Russell         Erica Rocker             Stacy Blakley
                   Myrna White is responsible for   It’s not every day an engineer   An economic development   Civil engineers don’t have
                   ensuring Hartsfield-Jackson   by trade transitions into a   leader has a great story    to fit a certain mold. Stacy
                   Atlanta International Airport is   community development role.   to tell.  Blakley is the walking
                   a good corporate, municipal                                                embodiment of that.
                   and community partner.

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                   Mercedes Miller          Natasha Bowles           Stephen Porter           Kimberly Starks
                   Atlanta has always been   Being bold and pursuing   Piedmont Fayette CEO   Kimberly Starks, former
                   home for Mercedes Miller   dreams with passion was    perseveres through    spokeswoman for the Georgia
                   and there is no doubt where   part of how Natasha Bowles   growth amid challenges.  Lottery Corporation, has
                   her heart is.            was raised.                                       developed a well-rounded
                                                                                              knowledge of public relations.

                   Government & Education

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                   Maceo Rogers             Angelyne Butler          Fred Gardiner            Morcease Beasley
                   Economic developer seeks   Angelyne Butler lived in    The City of Stockbridge    Clayton Schools
                   continuing prosperity for    Forest Park for years and   is changing for the better,    Superintendent is leading
                   East Point residents.    often wondered why the    and Fred Gardiner has    for the next generation.
                                            city was not living up to    every intention to be
                                            its true potential.      there for every step.

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