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           An Inside Look

         Lake homes, family friendly

         subdivisions, and charmingly

         restored historic homes
         fill tree-lined streets with

         an atmosphere that seems

         straight out of the movies.
         I  n the Tri-County Region, we like to

            think we have it all. With thriving
            historic downtowns, developing
         land, surging business growth, and
         breathtaking outdoor scenery, our view
         is justified. The three counties and 12
         communities that make up the region
         work together to improve business and
         lifestyle opportunities for our residents.
            Our communities maintain the charm
         and ambiance of the quintessential
         small-town Southern roots they were
         founded on. Adjusting to life here is easy
         and it doesn’t take long to get to know
         your neighbors. They just might invite
         you to join a civic or social group, attend
         a local festival, or perhaps to come to a
         backyard barbecue.

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