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both of which offer world-class fishing,
                                                                              deep-water boating, plus camping and
                                                                              hiking along their shores. Golfers can
                                                                              also appreciate the lush greens of several
                                                                              courses in the area.               ABOUT TRI-COUNTY
                                                                                 Centered around the junction of
                                                                              two major interstate highways and just
                                                                              an hour’s drive to a major Atlantic port,
                                                                              the Tri-County Region opens the door
                                                                              to businesses and enables easy access
                                                                              to multiple transportation options for
                                                                              the import and export of goods. The
                                                                              area’s semi-rural landscape offers plenty
                                                                              of available developable land on which
                                                                              businesses can thrive.

                                                                                Dorchester County

                                                                                 Located along I-95 and I-26 in
                                                                              the Lowcountry of South Carolina,
                  Argos USA                                                   Dorchester County is home to world-
                                                                              class sports venues, award-winning
                                                                              school districts, and outdoor wonders
                                                                              not seen anywhere else in the world.
                                              In the Tri-County Region, we    With more than 160,000 residents,
                                           value the spirit of devotion. In such   Dorchester County is recognized for
                                           a diverse and well-rounded spiritual   its innovative, efficient, and effective
                                           community, many groups team up     delivery of services. Dorchester County’s
                                           on a variety of projects to benefit the   towns within the Tri-County Region
                                           local neighborhoods and others around   include Ridgeville, St. George, Harleyville,
                                           the world. You will find that childcare   and Reevesville.
                                           and after-school programs are readily      The County’s proximity to the
                                           available at many places of worship   ports of Charleston and Savannah,
                                           along with numerous special group   the Norfolk Southern Railroad, plus
                   Bryant                  ministries and activities.         numerous state and federal highways
                                              The abundant recreational
              Funeral Home                   opportunities that exist in much of   make it the ideal location for commerce.
                                                                              Dorchester County is a competitive
                                           the Tri-County Region promise ample   location for businesses and is the
               Funeral Directors:          enjoyment of the great outdoors. The   home of major international operations
             Joe & Thomas Wamer            area’s heritage has spurred a keen   such as Giant Cement Holding, Inc.,
             • Complete Burial Services    interest for business, while government   Argos Cement, LLC, Showa Denko
                                           leaders in many of our towns work   Carbon Inc., Robert Bosch Corporation,
                • Cremation Services
                                           to revitalize their historic downtown   InterContinental Hotels, the BID Group,
                • Burial Monuments         storefronts and to stage events that can   and Kion North America.
            • Pre-need Planning Services   attract thousands of visitors to dine,      When you combine these economic
             • Complete Chapel Facilities  shop, play, and stay.              development assets with its natural
                                              Take a serene stroll with the entire   beauty and unwavering sense of
              (843) 563-3325               family along the verdant paths of   community, you’ll see why the Tri-County
                 607 N. Parler Avenue      our community parks. During a sultry   Region is one of the best areas in
                 St. George, SC 29477      summer, residents and visitors can cool   South Carolina to build a business and
               off in Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie,   raise a family.
                                           part of the Santee Cooper lake system,             continued on page 9

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