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                                                                                                                           H A L L C O U N T Y GEORGIA - USA

                                                                                                                      City View Center Pedestrian Bridge

ABOUT                                                                                                                                                                                                 AABBOOUUTT HHAALLLL CCOOUUNNTTYY

Gainesville/Hall County

Gainesville/Hall County has always been ahead of its time.
From the Native Americans and early
           settlers who once lived among the         for cotton. The 20th century saw the Army             diverse economy offers many jobs for people
           rolling hills to the thriving population  Corps of Engineers build Lake Sidney Lanier in        in Northeast Georgia. Area Development
                                                     the 1950s, and the kayak and rowing events            magazine included Gainesville/Hall County
                                                                                                           among its cities for “Year-After-Year Growth,”
in the metropolitan area today,                      during the 1996 Atlanta Centennial Olympic            and Area Development and CNBC named
                                                                                                           Gainesville, along with the rest of the state,
Gainesville/Hall County has been a regional          Games. Gainesville/Hall County’s 20th century         the best place to do business.			
                                                                                                           	 While Gainesville/Hall County’s population
transportation and trade center for nearly two economy was driven by the textile, lumber                   continues to climb, the area embraces a rich
                                                                                                           cultural heritage and authentic small-town,
centuries, since Hall County was formed in           and poultry industries.			                            Southern charm. A thriving economy, high
                                                                                                           quality of life and abundant recreational
1818 and Gainesville was chartered in 1821. 	 	 In the 21st century, Lake Lanier continues                 opportunities offer Gainesville/Hall County
                                                                                                           residents, businesses and visitors a dynamic
	 During the 19th century, Gainesville/              to be an economic driver for the region.              and progressive environment that is rich in
                                                                                                           amenities, opportunities, and scenic beauty.
Hall County experienced economic booms               Visited by more than seven million people

created by the 1829 Georgia gold rush, the           annually, this multipurpose lake has launched

coming of the Atlanta and Charlotte Air Line         a myriad of service industries that thrive in

Railroad in 1871, and Gainesville’s fame as the Gainesville/Hall County.		

“Great Health Resort of the South” due to area 	 Gainesville/Hall County’s designation

springs. Hall County’s fertile fields also grew      as a Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) in

the area as an agricultural leader, especially       2004 illustrates how the area’s growing, tax-

         1818 		                         1829 	      1851                 1898		1937 & 1939		                         1996		                          2005		
         Hall County forms,              Georgia 	   Fire destroys        Textiles dominate President F.D. Roosevelt  Gainesville is Rowing/Kayaking  Vision 2030 unveiled
         named for Declaration           Gold Rush   much of              the economy  visits Gainesville             venue for the Olympic Games
         of Independance                             Gainesville
         signer Lyman Hall

  Hall   1800                                                             1900                                                                        2000
History  1821 		                            1849 		        1871		1936		                             1957		                     2004		
         City of Gainesville                Gainesville 	  Atlanta and    Tornado Strikes           U.S. Army Corps construct  Gainesville/Hall County
         chartered. Named for               becomes a 		   Charlotte Air  Gainesville               Lake Sidney Lanier         designated as Metropolitan
         War of 1812 hero, 	                resort center  Line Railroad                                                       Statistical Area (MSA)
         Gen. Edward P. Gaines                             line opens

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