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Maintaining a steady workforce is   C OMMISSIONER ’ S   NOTE
                                                                               so important to the success of our
                                                                               local businesses.
                                                                                  At the same time, it’s good to know
                                                                               that more than half of the land in Union
                                                                               County is controlled by the Forest
                                                                               Service and Tennessee Valley Authority –
                                                                               protecting it from development. Currently,
                                                                               our growth rate is very manageable. As
                                                                               we welcome new residents, I’m grateful
                                                                               for a good working relationship with the
                                                                               Georgia Department of Transportation,
                                                                               which has earmarked several million
                                                                               dollars for road widening and public safety
                                                                               projects in our county.

                                                                               The Future of Union County
                                                                                  While tremendous upgrades continue
                                                                               to be made to the Union County Transfer
                                                                               Station and Convenience Centers, more
                                                                               enhancements are proposed. Plans for
                                                                               the new youth ball fields for children 10
                                                                               and younger are underway, as are new
                                                                               recreational programs for kids and adults.
                                                                               Additionally, the Georgia Department
      Vogel State Park                                                         of Transportation continues planning
                                                                               for widening some roads and adding
                                                                               roundabouts in specific areas in our county
                                                                               to make travel even more safe for locals
        Union County, Georgia                                                  and for visitors.

                                                                                 All this is accomplished while
                                                                               maintaining a low property tax rate, while
         THE HIGHER THE CLIMB, THE BETTER THE VIEW                             supporting local shops and restaurants,
        S     mall-town charm, a sense      eyes to ideas that can better the mountain   and while monitoring growth in a
                                                                               highly desired North Georgia mountain
              of community, and safe
                                            life we hold dear. A big part of what we do
                                                                               community. Come see what Union County
              neighborhoods. Whether you walk
                                                                               Better the View!
        or run, swim or hike, shop or volunteer,   is trying to balance the small-town quality   is about because the Higher you Climb, the
                                            of life we enjoy with healthy growth.
        you will find that beautiful Union County
        and the residents who make up this   Keeping Tabs on Growth
        community are special. In Union County,      As I was growing up, I remember many
        there are incredible mountain views,   families migrating to other parts of the
        exciting waterfalls, and unique hands-on   country to work in areas where factories
        Appalachian Mountain experiences.   were in full production mode. Some went
           In the past year, Union County   to Detroit to work in the automobile
        Government and related county       industry. Some took jobs in Atlanta at
        organizations provided services to   places such as Lockheed Martin. The
        residents. Roads were paved, recreation   Union County Development Authority
        activities were offered, students were   works hard to bring new businesses to   Lamar Paris
        taught, and plans for the future of our   Union County so that our children and   Union County Commissioner
        community were made. We never stop   grandchildren have options for staying
        doing business, and we never close our   in Union County to raise their families.

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