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Carroll County

                                                                                                                4Established 1826
                                                                                                                4 Named after Charles Carroll, the last living
                                                                                                                  signer of the Declaration of Independence

                                                                                                                4Was part of the Georgia Gold Rush in 1830
                                                                                                                4 Land for the county was acquired from the
                                                                                     Carrollton GreenBelt         Cherokee and Creek Nations in the Treaty
                                                                                                                  of Indian Springs in 1825
             THINK                                             You’ll need plenty of energy to take advantage of   4 Was 31st of the original 32 Georgia counties

        Carroll First                                          everything in Carroll County. Bring your walking or

                                                               running shoes and enjoy the plethora of greenspace
                                                               maintained for residents and visitors to enjoy. Our
        A                                                      award-winning parks and recreation departments see to
              rich history, an innovative spirit, and a bright future
                                                               it that there is plenty of public space to gather and enjoy
              make Carroll County the gem of West Georgia.
                                                               life a little more. Local organizations have also created
              Working? Relaxing? Playing? Regardless of your
        activity, we have something for you.                   community gardens and an arboretum dedicated to
                                                               native plant species because as we grow, we know how

        Our local small business owners have a little bit of everything to   important it is to find a balance with nature.
        offer. Head to one of the seven municipalities here and spend the day                                 We stand on our history and current events to build a
        shopping a range of retailers who check every box. High-end boutiques,   Outdoor adventure opportunities await as well, making it   bright and prosperous future for all residents of Carroll
        eclectic consignment shops, music stores or hip gift shops, Carroll   a dream for anyone who enjoys the solitude of the hunt   County. An entrepreneurial spirit and strong economic
        County has it all.                                     or reeling in their next lunker. There are several hunting   development efforts have built a community in which
                                                               preserves in the area as well as Lake Carroll and Lake   potential is realized and life is well lived. We welcome
        You won’t go hungry while you shop, either. Our restaurants can tickle   Seaton, where, along with the Chattahoochee River and   you to our beautiful slice of West Georgia, whether you
        your taste buds with classic Southern fare, refined dining experiences,   other streams, anglers can wet a line. You’ll soon find   are a new resident, prospective business owner, or are
        or something quick, whipped up especially for you. Or just grab a cup of   how easy it is to stay active, interested, and engaged in   just visiting for a while. We look forward to meeting you
        coffee at one of our cafes to keep you going through another exciting day.   Carroll County.          and invite you to Think Carroll First.

       4  | 770-832-2446                                                                           Carroll County Chamber of Commerce
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