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Visiting Clemson means                                                                       Here!
        adventure. Natural wonders,                                   See You

        history, and recreation are
        waiting for you.

        Enjoy more than 30 picturesque waterfalls, fascinating
        museums, exciting arts scene, charming shops and
        restaurants, and premier accommodations. Winter,
        spring, summer, or fall, Clemson is here to welcome you.
        We’re here to help you fully experience and discover the
        spirit, the great outdoors, and the Southern hospitality
        of the Clemson Area. If you have any questions,
        please stop by the Clemson Area Chamber at 1105
        Tiger Blvd. in Clemson or go to or
        Visit Clemson

        Established in 2012, Visit Clemson began as an effort
        by the Clemson Area Chamber of Commerce to grow
        tourism and brand Clemson as a tourist destination.
        In 2023, Visit Clemson transitioned into becoming a
        dedicated department within the City of Clemson.
        The primary mission of Visit Clemson is to raise
        awareness of the rich cultural heritage and abundant
        natural resources that lie within Clemson. Whether you
        are seeking outdoor adventures, exploring historical
        landmarks, experiencing local arts and culture, or simply
        indulging in the warm hospitality of the South, we are here
        to ensure your visit is filled with unforgettable memories.


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