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                               4   WELCOME
                               6   VISITORS CENTER
                               8   WILD ADVENTURES

                               13  ATTRACTIONS
                               16  ART & SCULPTURE
                               19  ON STAGE
       Sculpture Walk          22  RESTAURANTS
                               27  SHOPPING
      production at the Springer
      Opera House.             28  GARDENS
         Another group of visitors     30  REGIONAL ATTRACTIONS
      is all about adventuring          MAPS (Center Foldout Section)
      through another era,     *
      imagining what life was     32  HOTELS
      like “back then.” They fill     39  MILITARY HERITAGE
      their weekend with military     42  FORT BENNING
      museums and historic
      homes, from an authentically     45  FAMILY FUN
      recreated World War II     48  GEOCACHING
      Company Street to the home     50   $ 5 OR LESS
      of the “Mother of the Blues.”
         So whether you are an art     52  WEEKEND IN COLUMBUS
      critic extraordinaire, a wild     58  MEETINGS & GROUPS
      adventurer, a fanatical foodie,     60  ANNUAL CALENDAR
      a silver surfer, or a little bit of     62  GETTING HERE
      all of those, Columbus has
      great experiences for you to
      go all out.            There are so many things to do in Columbus!
         This is Columbus –   Use your mobile device to scan this QR code
      exciting and adventurous,   to watch a video that showcases some of
      quaint and friendly, spirited   Columbus’ many fun activities.
      and courageous. Bring this   Tech Tip: You may need to download a QR code reader application to
      book to Columbus and go all   your mobile device to use this function. Go to your phone’s app store
                              or marketplace to download a reader.
      out for adventure, great food,
      and amazing fun!         Paw prints throughout this guide indicate pet-friendly facilities.

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