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The Chamber

                                                                                     Top 12 Reasons to
                                                                                    Join the Chamber

                                                                                  1. Participate in Local Economic Development
                                                                                    Joining the Chamber supports economic
                                                                                    development through job retention and growth
                                                                                    activities that help to create a strong workforce.
                                                                                  2. Improve Your Bottom Line
                                                                                    Chamber programs are designed to help
                                                                                    your company prosper. Chamber members are
                                                                                    encouraged to “remember a member” when
                                                                                    fulfilling business and personal needs for goods
                                                                                    and services.
                                                                                  3. Expand Your Networking
                                                                                    This is one of the most important benefits of
                                                                                    membership. All you have to do is get involved!
                                                                                  4. Make Sure You Are on the List
                                                                                    Local citizens and those relocating or visiting DO
                                                                                    contact the Chamber for where to stay, shop,
                                                                                    and do business. The Chamber refers ONLY
       Get Brewing with Douglas-Coffee Chamber                                      Chamber members.
                                                                                  5. Learn from Business & Industry Programs
         T      he Douglas-Coffee County Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization     The Chamber offers Business and Industry
                                                                                    education programs that keep our members
                of businesses and individuals who have joined to promote the economic well-
                                                                                    “in the know.”
                being of Douglas and Coffee County, Georgia.
                                                                                  6. Have a Voice in Issues Affecting Your Business
                                                                                    The Chamber works to establish relationships
                Douglas-Coffee County Chamber of Commerce Annual Impacts:           with political leaders and is a voice for business by
                                                                                    tracking legislation to support business growth.
                                                                                  7. Use Our Website to Market Your Business
                                                                                    Use your Chamber’s website to post coupons on
                                                                                    our Hot Deals page, add events to our Calendar,
          551          38       10,000        16         19       2,294             and list employment openings.

           Chamber    Networking   Social Media   Educational   Ribbon  Email     8. Take Advantage of Chamber Savings Programs
           Members     Events    Followers    Events     Cuttings  Subscribers      The Chamber Advantage programs offer discounts
                                                                                    at participating merchants. The Drugs Don’t Work
                                                                                    program provides a 7.5% discount on Workers
                                                                                    Comp Insurance.
        Get in on Chamber                                                         9. Healthy Business Alliance
        Spectrum Benefits                                                           Douglas-Coffee County Chamber of Commerce
        Available exclusively for chamber                                           participates in the Healthy Business Alliance - a
                                                                                    statewide program with Chambers who use large
        members as small as 2+ employees,                                 “         group buying power to negotiate advantages on
        the Spectrum Benefits program is                                            group products.
        designed to give members a secure,     “
        comprehensive, and affordable employee                                    10. Georgia Chamber SMART Program
        benefits solution centered around an                                        This program provides small businesses of 2-50
                                                                                    employees with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
        ACA-compliant health insurance plan. By   I’ve learned so much being an active     Health Plan.
        leveraging the collective buying power of   member of the Chamber. It’s not
        your chamber, we now provide a variety of   enough to only see what’s needed in   11. Enhance Your Credibility
        affordable employee benefits that include   my city, it’s also my obligation to roll     Being a member sends your customers the right
        proactive cost containment and employee   up my sleeves and work to create,     message; and we encourage members to display
                                                                                    their membership in outreach events and marketing.
        wellness features, allowing member       maintain and develop a community
        companies to strategically manage the          I can be proud of!         12. Give Back to Your Community
        healthcare supply chain and maximize         Dr. Tracy McClelland           If you are tracking the pulse on the future growth
        benefits for their employees.            Medical Institute of South Georgia    and development of the community, joining the
                                                                                    Chamber is the proactive thing to do.

     2                         Douglas-Coffee County Chamber of Commerce | 912-384-1873 |
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