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                                                                                      Did You


                          WELCOME TO
       Dunwoody                                                                        became a city in 2008;

                                                                                         Dunwoody officially

                                                                                          however, the area
                                                                                         has been known as
                                                                                         Dunwoody for more
                                                                                           than 100 years.

           You will quickly discover that Dunwoody is
           a vibrant community in the center of metro
           Atlanta’s activity and the perfect place to lead

           a full and prosperous lifestyle. Dunwoody offers
           cosmopolitan opportunities in a less crowded,
           safer, community-oriented location.

          d      unwoody is dynamic.         unparalleled educational oppor-

                 Young professionals who
                                             tunities, and a welcoming and
                 want to live close to work
          and avoid long commutes relocate to   diverse atmosphere. Full of amazing
          Dunwoody because of the number     assets and endless opportunities,
          of companies headquartered here.   Dunwoody offers a combination
          Dunwoody’s combination of single-  of characteristics that create and
          family homes, apartment communities,   sustain a spectacular quality of life.
          and townhomes attracts a vibrant mix
          of young professionals and families.      We are undeniably proud of our
             Dunwoody thrives with a         young city and we are excited to
          bustling entertainment scene,      welcome you as a neighbor.

 Dunwoody Perimeter Chamber | | 678.244.9700  Dunwoody Perimeter Chamber | | 678.244.9700  1
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