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     Lake Lanier Area Destination Guide

                                                          US Army Corps of
                                                          Engineers Parks &
                                                          Along its 692 miles of shoreline,
                                                          Lake Lanier has a multitude of
                                                          day use and campground parks
                                                          operated by the US Army Corps of
                                                          Engineers, 46 recreational areas
                                                          to be exact. With overnight rates
                                                          starting at $18 a night, you can’t
                                                          beat the great value. Some of
                                                          our favorite spots are camping at
                                                          Old Federal on a Wednesday to
                                                          watch the weekly sailboat regatta,
                                                          weekends at Van Pugh South
                                                          spent lounging on the beach and
                                                          enjoying the aqua blue waters of
                                                          Duckett Mill cove.

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