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            Welcome to Wilmington & Our Island Beaches

                                          magnificent views of the Battleship NORTH
          From the river to the sea, it’s easy to   CAROLINA and breathtaking sunsets. Rich
          stray off course and see where the   in authentic charm, the 230-block National
          water takes you in Wilmington and   Register Historic District in Wilmington
                our Island Beaches.       delivers horse-drawn carriage rides along
                                          brick-lined streets, moss-draped live oaks
                                          and Victorian and Antebellum architecture
           Begin your explorations on Wilmington’s   worthy of its historic district designation.
        scenic Riverwalk, which stretches for nearly      Minutes away, you’ll find our three
        two miles along the legendary Cape Fear   island beaches, each with its own distinctive
        River. Here you will find fabulous boutiques,   personality, filled with down-to-earth
        enjoy Southern coastal cuisine and bask in   people, natural beauty and unlimited
                                          vacation experiences.
                                             Let Carolina Beach introduce you to
                                          good times in a vintage atmosphere with
                                          a modern, family-friendly spin. Walk along
                                          the nationally recognized historic seaside
                                          boardwalk, enjoy summer amusement rides
                                          and live music, hike the native Venus flytrap
                                          trail at Carolina Beach State Park, and meet
                                          the friendly locals who give this beach town
                                          its laid-back vibe.
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