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                                                                   H A L L C O U N T Y GEORGIA - USA

VISION 2030                                                                                                                                                                                   VISION 2030

The Future is Ours to See

The Greater Hall Chamber                              VISION 2030 focuses on the creation of          Major Healthcare Center
of Commerce VISION 2030                            an exceptional quality of life. Action steps
program was initiated                              have been identified and outlined to make          Healthcare is a major industry and
in 2005 when program                               each of the Big Ideas into a reality by 2030.   economic engine for Gainesville/Hall County.
coordinators heard                                 Gainesville/Hall County’s leaders have created  Gainesville/Hall County is a destination for the
from more than 1,000                               numerous innovative partnerships in making      delivery of high quality, innovative healthcare,
Gainesville/Hall County                            these projects a reality.                       healthcare education, employment, life-
citizens describing with a                                                                         science industry and the medical industry
“common vision"                                      Downtown Development                          as a whole.
the community in which
they’d like to live, work,                            Downtown Gainesville is a thriving live,        	
and raise families.                                work, and play area for families and tourists
                                                   alike. Improving access to the downtown area       OneHall – Model for Diversity
T hroughout the course of this                     from surrounding neighborhoods has allowed
           extraordinary meeting of minds,         new business to take advantage of infill and       The Gainesville/Hall County diversity
                                                   redevelopment opportunities including a new     intiative, OneHall, is a national model for
           community leaders voted                 hotel and conference center.                    integration of residents of all cultures into
                                                                                                   the life of the community through a multitude
           overwhelmingly to forge a solid            Wellness and Healthcare Access               of educational, informational, citizenship,
                                                                                                   and English-language programs. OneHall
and clear-sighted blueprint for success for           Gainesville/Hall County is a model for       connects the community and its residents
                                                   providing high-quality, innovative, affordable  across racial, ethnic and other differences
Gainesville/Hall County. The result is a set of    and accessible healthcare to its residents.     and provides opportunities for leadership
                                                   The healthcare community has deployed           development, networking, employment
long-term goals now in place, the “Big Ideas,”     technology that connects providers across the   and programs of inclusion.
                                                   region and allows clinical data exchange. We
or action steps of where we’d like to be in 2030.  strive to create a culture of wellness among       	
                                                   our residents and communities.
                                                                                                      Life-Long Learning

                                                                                                      Gainesville/Hall County embraces a culture
                                                                                                   of learning throughout life. This culture
                                                                                                   encourages educational and development
                                                                                                   opportunities for our youth, adult, and senior

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