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z                                                                                  Getting Started •

                                                                                          Congratulations! You’ve
                                                                                          moved to a friendly, safe
                                                                                          place where you, your

                                                                                          family and your business
                                                                                          can grow within our
                                                                                          wonderful community.


       Getting Started

        h        o help you get settled quickly   a quicker response to the northern   department to provide fire protection
        h        h T  in your neighborhood, here   end of the city and increasing the   to the citizens of Port Wentworth.”
                 h R
                 is information you’ll want to
        keep handy and refer to frequently.  capability to begin fire operations at   •  Utilities
                                            emergency scenes.
        Police              912-964-4360      Fire Chief Gregory Long stated,   Water/ Sewer/Sanitation
        Fire                912-966-7425    “The awarding of this grant has      The City of Port Wentworth pro-
        Recreation          912-966-7428    doubled the capabilities of this    vides water and sewer services to the
 z      Senior Citizens Center  912-964-5411
        Public Works
        •  Police
          Port Wentworth city police closely
        monitor crime in Port Wentworth,
        thanks to CrimeReports, the world
        leader in online crime mapping. At, citizens can
        view local incidents, as well as get
        a bird’s eye view of the area where
        crimes have occurred.
        •  Fire
          Station 1 (headquarters):
             317 Cantyre St.
          Station 2: 6721 Hwy. 21
          Staffed 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Fri-
        day. Volunteers answer calls after hours
         Firefighter Grant
          In August 2009, the Port Went-
        worth Fire Department received a
        $302,581 grant from the Department
        of Homeland Security’s Assistance
 z      to Firefighters Grant Program. This
        grant allowed the city to hire three
        additional full-time firefighters and
        staff a second fire station, providing   z

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