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Preparing the

        Next Generation

         Union County has bountiful educational opportunities

         U     nion County Schools give new meaning   students an outlet to perform and the community a

               to the cliché, a little goes a long way. In
                                                place to gather. First-class athletic facilities round out
         this case, a little school district of just five schools   the amenities at Union County Schools, making the
         and more than 3,000 students goes a long way in   system stand out above the rest.
         providing what is considered among the best public
         educations in the state. gives Union   THE SCHOOLS
         County Schools a grade of A and ranks the system as      Union County schools teach children at all levels the
         the 12th best public school system in Georgia.  tools they will need to be successful in life. At Union County
            As a Georgia Charter School System, teachers   Primary School, Pre-K students through second grade get their
         and administrators enjoy greater flexibility in their
         approach to instruction in exchange for a stricter set   education started with PE, art, music, Spanish, and other core
         of accountability standards. Parents and community   classes. A gifted program, access to a library, and a full-time
         members are also heavily involved in schools here   media specialist as well as curricula for special education,
         through School Governance Teams set up as part of   social and emotional development, and English as a second
         the system’s charter.
            This small system is big on providing options
         to its students. The STEM Academy – science,
         technology, engineering, and math – at Union
         County High School allows students to get hands-
         on learning experience in fields like healthcare,
         engineering, and agriculture. The INCubator EDU
         program teaches students about entrepreneurship
         and allows them a chance to create their own
         startup businesses.
            The facilities are top-notch as well. The
         Agriscience Center is a hub of agricultural education
         and provides an outlet for middle and high school
         students to both learn and show their progress at
         various events. The 985-seat Fine Arts Center gives

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