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Union County – Always in Season!

                                                                 T    he strength of a community can be found in   What does the future of Union County look like?
                                                                                                            No one can predict what a post-pandemic Union County
                                                                      small acts of the many. I’m humbled and
                                                                      honored to say that the good-hearted folks in   will look like. However, we can say with certainty that our
                                                                    Union County continue to demonstrate the best of   priceless resources such as Meeks Park, the Union County
                                                                    what humanity has to offer. As a community, Union   Sports Center, Farmers Market, horse arena, and pickleball
                                                                  County has exemplified its resilience during the recent   complex will be maintained and monitored for individual safety
                                                                   pandemic as Covid-19 threatened our basic way of life.    while continually promoting personal enjoyment of county
                                                                       Time and time again I have been reminded of how   residents. Plans for the new ball complex for children eight
                                                                  valuable our dedicated Union General Hospital and   and younger out near the Farmers Market are still underway,
                                                           medical personnel have been throughout this challenging   as is the new fire station for the northern part of the county.
                                                           time. With each blood-pressure check and each temperature   Additionally, the Georgia Department of Transportation
                                                           check, these loyal professionals have remained steadfast in their   continues its planning for widening some roads in our county.
                                                           commitment to patient healthcare, not just for Union County     All this is accomplished while maintaining a low property
                                                           residents, but for all the residents in the North Georgia region.   tax rate, while supporting local shops and restaurants, and
                                                           In kind, organizations and individuals donated the hospital   while monitoring growth in a highly desired North Georgia
                                                           and emergency workers’ lunches, drinks, and snacks as a small   mountain community that is always in season.
                                                           way of providing relief, of making a positive difference during
                                                           a difficult time. Of equal importance are the personnel who
                                                           visited homes, transported patients, and answered the demand
                                                           as first responders rushed to the calls of our E911 emergency
                                                           dispatch. Each cog of this finely tuned machine made its
                                                           contribution to getting help to those in need.
                                                             Through all of the life adjustments and modifications, the
                                                           Union County Government and related county organizations
                                                           maintained services to residents. Roads were paved, recreation
                                                           activities were offered, students were taught, and plans for the
                                                           future of our community were made. We never stopped doing       Lamar Paris
                                                           business – we simply adapted to the challenges.          Union County Commissioner

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