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Welcome to Blairsville-Union County!

        W       hat is the overwhelming reason we hear that people     of wine and dine on farm-fresh fare after a day of shopping
                                                         If you need a few more reasons, go take a hike or sip a glass
                fall in love with Blairsville-Union County? It’s the
        “people.” Many of our newer residents’ stories start with a   in downtown Blairsville. Sit and talk to the locals who are the
        vacation, a visit to spend time with a friend or family member,   soul of our community and you will soon be making plans to
        or just a day trip.                            call Union County home. Blairsville-Union County is a great
           But the people and the natural beauty aren’t the only things   place to raise a family, start or expand a business, get started in
        that make Union County great. We have world-class healthcare   life, or retire. We enjoy the luxuries of big-city amenities but in
        options, a state-leading public school system, a thriving arts   a small-town setting so picturesque you may wonder if you’re
        and cultural scene, and parks and recreational facilities bigger   living in a movie. And if you miss the big-city life, you are only
        towns wish they had. The best part is you can enjoy all of this   a short drive to outlets, malls, and other amenities.
        while paying one of the lowest property tax rates in the state      Whether you’re looking for the solitude of Georgia’s
        and with an affordable cost of living that makes living here an   highest peak on Brasstown Bald, the fellowship of our many
        unparalleled experience.                       community events and festivals, a relaxing afternoon beside a
           Entrepreneurs love it here because of the simplicity of doing   mountain stream, or for new cultural and culinary experiences,
        business. Our business community is friendly, helpful, and well   Blairsville-Union County has it all. We hope you will join us
        connected, both personally and technologically. We enjoy some   and breathe in the fresh, crisp mountain mornings. Life is truly
        of the best broadband coverage in the region and can support   better here.
        businesses both small and large with a wide range of infrastruc-  Steve Rowe, President
        ture. Regardless of the business, Union County has everything   Blairsville-Union County
        for them to find success.                                 Chamber of Commerce

                                           Union County delegates   After the first paved road
                         Blairsville, named either for   vote against Georgia’s   is completed in 1926, the   The Tennessee Valley Authority dams the Nottely
                      Revolutionary War veteran James Blair or   secession from the United   Civilian Conservation Corps   River to create Lake Nottely, which produces
       Gold is discovered,   journalist and presidential advisor Frances                  power and provides flood control.
      attracting white settlers   Blair, was named the Union County seat   States, but Georgia   builds structures still used
                                                                    today at Vogel State Park,
      to the Cherokee territory.   by the Georgia General Assembly.  secedes regardless. As   Lake Winfield Scott and the
      It is said to be the purest          with many mountain                    The U.S. government creates
                                                       For the third time, the
                                                                   Walasi-Yi Interpretive Center.
      gold of the North Georgia             communities, Union   Union County Courthouse  The Appalachian Trail is also   the Chattahoochee National
         Gold Rush.  After the U.S.         County is a mix of                  Forest. Today it includes nearly   The Zell Miller Mountain
                 government removed the    Union supporters and   is rebuilt after burning in   completed in the 1930s.  867,000 acres.   Parkway, Ga. Highway
                 Cherokee Nation from      Confederate supporters.   1898. Today it houses the     515, is completed, directly
                 their land, Union County              Union County Historical                    connecting the North Georgia
                  is created during the                Society and museum.                          Mountains to Atlanta.
                 Georgia Land Lottery.
                                         UNION   C OUNT Y  TIMELINE
        1820s       1832         1835        1861       1899       1930s       1937         1942         1991

       4      Welcome                                                                                         Blairsville-Union County Chamber of Commerce
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