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T                                                                                                          Your business and/or nonprofit membership
                                                                                                                      Background Checks
                       he Clemson Area Chamber
                     of Commerce represents the
                   dynamic communities of Clemson,
                Central, Six Mile, and Pendleton.                                                                includes $12 background checks through our
                                                                                                                 group discount. Additional screenings are
        Together with our Partners, we foster                                                                    available at reduced prices.
        economic growth, constructively influence
        governmental actions, and strive to enhance                                                                   Meeting Venue
        the quality of life in our communities. As                                                               The Chamber’s Board Room can be used for
        leaders in the Clemson Area community, we                                                                meetings or set up classroom-style for training
        are dedicated to developing vibrant, year-                                                               sessions or presentations. A projector and
        round business, educational, and leisure                                                                 screen are available.
        opportunities that result in an unparalleled
        experience for residents and visitors.                                                                        Tourism Promotion
        #funchamber                                                                                              The Clemson Area Chamber shares its home
                                                Exposure                       • Ambassadors                     with Visit Clemson, whose mission is to bring
             Values, Principles & Actions  Members are listed in our annual printed   • Clemson Young Professionals  visitors to our area to eat in our restaurants, shop
        Our board of directors uses our values and   Community Guide, in the online Member                       in our stores, stay in our lodging properties,
        principles as the foundation for decision-  Directory, and are prominently promoted   • Finance Committee  and spend their dollars with our members.
        making. These values are supported by   for all sponsorships.          • Marketing Committee
        leadership, recruitment, and orientation                               • Membership Committee                 Representation
        so that all new members understand and   Networking                    • Non-Profit Alliance             The Clemson Area Chamber represents
        embrace the core beliefs of the Chamber:  Chamber events are the perfect place to get   • Public Policy Committee  and advocates for our members and the
                                                                                                                 communities we serve by working with the
         1. Inclusive                      to know the business community and make   • Small Business Council    following groups:
         2. Collaborative                  new contacts.                           Member Events Promotion        • Central Area Business Council
         3. Community-focused                   Sponsorships                  Contact the Chamber with your special   • County, City, and Town Council meetings
                                                                                                                  • Oconee Pickens Anderson
         4. Service-driven                 The Chamber offers sponsorship     events and business milestones and we’ll       Chamber Coalition
                                                                              add them to our weekly e-newsletter.
         5. Forward-thinking               opportunities that allow members to                                    • Pendleton Area Business Association
                                           provide their support while also increasing
                                                                                   Lobby Displays
         6. Transparent and Trustworthy    their visibility in the community:  The brochure racks in the Chamber   • SC Sports Alliance
                                            • Annual Awards Banquet           lobby are reserved for members to display   • SC Travel and Tourism Coalition
                                                                                                                  • Upstate Chamber Coalition
         Get Connected.                     • Business After Hours            brochures, business cards and other business
          Join the Chamber.                 • Membership Luncheons            information. Visitors use this information features a
                                                                              heavily, so stop by anytime to bring us your
                                                                                                                 Member Directory Listing under the Membership
         The Chamber provides distinct marketing   • Special Events, such as ClemsonFest    information or restock your items.  tab. This valuable resource is a business
                                               and the annual Golf Tournament
         opportunities by connecting members,   • “State of” Community Events                                    directory organized by business category.
         partners, and the community.
                                            • Women In Business                Enjoy Valuable Services
                                            • Clemson Young Professionals      Courtesy of the Chamber             Contact us at the Clemson Area Chamber
             Grand Openings                    (40 and under)
                   & Ribbon Cuttings                                           Running a business of any size is no easy    for information about membership or any
                                                                               task. The Chamber supports its members
        Whether you’re opening a new business,   Participation                 with useful services.               of our services or programs:
        have moved your business location, or are   The Chamber is your passport to several                        1105 Tiger Blvd. | Clemson, SC 29631
        simply celebrating a renovation or addition,   important and active community working                      (864) 654-1200
        we’ll be there with the ribbon, giant scissors,  groups. Take an opportunity to share your   Free Notarizations
        and camera.                        ideas and business acumen, by joining one   Contact us at (864) 654-1200 to schedule    #funchamber
                                           or more of our committees:         free notarization of your documents

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