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More than 30

                                                                            waterfalls flow

                                                                            through the

                                                                            Clemson Area.                     Waldrop Stone Falls
                                                                            T       he trails that lead to these amazing   hole. This excursion also features a spring and

                                                                                                                   a historic dam that are accessible from the trail
                                                                                    natural wonders range from easy to
                                                                                                                   leading to the falls.
                                                                                    difficult, and trailheads are not always
                                                                                    marked. Before setting out on a
                                                                            waterfall adventure, go to for   Todd Creek Falls is one of many wonderful
                                                                            a list of the area’s waterfalls that is complete with   attractions in Clemson’s Experimental Forest,
                                                                            directions, links to other resources and tips for   17,500 acres of protected land that is dedicated to
                                                                            planning a safe hike.                  education, research and the mission of managing
                                                                                                                   forest resources to better benefit society. As a hub
                                                                                                                   for outdoor recreation, the forest offers popular,
                                                                    Twin Falls has many names including Reedy Cove Falls, Rock   multi-use trails for hiking, mountain biking
                                                                    Falls, and Eastatoe Falls. Call them what you will, Twin Falls is a   and horseback riding, and is home to two other
                                                                    breathtaking set of waterfalls north of Pickens, South Carolina.   waterfalls, Waldrop Falls and the Falls at Todd
                                                                    The left and larger of the falls runs over a big granite slab,   Creek Tributary.
                                                                    dropping 75 feet, while the falls on the right make a series of   Exploring the natural beauty of the Clemson Area
                                                                    shorter drops. The trail leading to Twin Falls is an easy quarter-  attracts visitors and inspires locals year-round.
                                                                    mile hike that takes about 15 minutes.         Share your outdoor adventures and explorations by
                                                                                                                   tagging photos on social media with #visitclemson.
                     Easy                                                   Clayton Memorial Highway
                                                                            On the way along F. Van
                                                                            to the Sassafras Mountain
                                                                            observation deck is Beech
                                                                            Bottom Falls Trail and
                     Waterfall                                              parking area. The trail
                                                                            includes footbridges and an
                                                                            observation deck for taking in
                     Hikes                                                  miles out and back, the trail
                                                                            Beech Bottom Falls. At 1.7
                                                                            is great for all skill levels.

                                                                            Only ten minutes from Tiger
                                                                            Boulevard in Clemson, in
                                                                            Clemson’s Experimental
                     and Clemson’s Experimental Forest                      Forest, is the 0.7-mile trail to
                                                                            Todd Creek Falls. Stretching
          n F
      Twin Falls                                                            across Todd Creek, the falls
                                                                            are between 15 and 20 feet
                                                                            high and flow into a swimming
                                                                                                                                 Todd Creek Falls     C
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