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South Carolina Botanical Garden

                                                                                                      The South Carolina Botanical Garden (SCBG) is a 295-
                                                                                                      acre garden and natural area that is a refuge for life.
                                                                                                      The Garden exists for enjoyment and education and is
                                                                                                      available and accessible to all people. The grounds are
                                                                                                      open and free of charge 365 days a year from sunrise
                                                                                                      to sunset. The SCBG experience includes 10,000+
                                                                                                      plant species, nearly four miles of trails, the Heritage
                                                                                                      Gardens, historic Camellia Garden, Natural Heritage
                                                                                                      Garden, Schoenike Arboretum, Desert Garden, Fran
                                                                                                      Hanson Visitor’s Center, Fuller Art Gallery, Bob
                                                                                                      Campbell Geology Museum, Hayden Conference
                                                                                                      Center, historic Hanover House, and historic Hunt
                                                                                                      Cabin. Please check the website to inquire about
                                                                                                      hours for some facilities.

                                                                                                        150 Discovery Ln. | Clemson, SC 29634
                                                                                                        (864) 656-3405 |

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