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Government & Communities

        •  Mary Margaret Oliver (D) – 82nd District   •  Viola Davis (D) – 87th District   •  Vernon Jones (D) – 91st District
         150 E. Ponce de Leon Ave., Ste. 260   P.O. Box 831592, Stone Mountain, GA 30083   P.O. Box 723, Lithonia, GA 30038
         Decatur, GA 30030            • 404-377-0485       404-656-0109                        404-656-0287
        •  Becky Evans (D) – 83rd District   •  Billy Mitchell (D) – 88th District   •  Doreen Carter (D) – 92nd District
         P.O. Box 15074, Atlanta, GA 30333    P.O. Box 88, Stone Mountain, GA 30086   P.O. Box 2186, Lithonia, GA 30058 • 404-656-0109
                                             404-656-0126                        404-656-0220
        •  Renitta Shannon (D) – 84th District
         2107 N. Decatur Rd., #717, Decatur, GA 30033   •  Bee Nguyen (D) – 89th District   •  Dar’shun N. Kendrick (D) – 93rd District • 404-656-7859  611-G Coverdell Legislative Office Building   P.O. Box 630, Lithonia, GA 30058
                                             18 Capitol Sq. SW, Atlanta, GA 30334
        •  Karla Drenner (D) – 85th District           404-656-0109
         P.O. Box 348, Avondale Estates, GA 30002   404-656-0314 • 404-656-0202                                       •  Karen Bennett (D) – 94th District
                                            •  Pam S. Stephenson (D) – 90th District   6909 Springbank Way
        •  Michele Henson (D) – 86th District   4262 Clausell Ct., Ste. C, Decatur, GA 30305   Stone Mountain, GA 30087
         4140 Creek Stone Ct., Stone Mountain, GA 30083 • 404-656-7859  404-656-0126                404-656-0202


        Emmy Award-winning, Engaging, Invaluable By Bonnie Hunter

                                                                                “Station of the Year,” as well as a host of Pegasus,
                                                                                Telly and Communicator Awards.
                                                                                   Tune in to DCTV on Comcast Cable within
                                                                                DeKalb County or watch a live stream at
                                                                       to view events, programs,
                                                                                services, and activities that impact the
                                                                                lives of DeKalb residents and visitors. DCTV
                                                                                also provides a live stream of the Board of
                                                                                Commissioners’ regularly scheduled committee
                                                                                meetings through USTREAM on the DeKalb
                                                                                County website. Archived videos of those
                                                                                meetings are also available on the county’s
                                                                                Video on Demand webpage.
                                                                                   Through the launch of additional electronic
                                                                                and new media platforms, DCTV has broadened
        DeKalb County is a diverse and interesting place.                       its reach to include regular public education
        It has many assets, amenities, and an array of atmospheres across       and community outreach notifications via a
                                                                                YouTube channel, and regular Twitter and
        its 12 municipalities and portions of the City of Atlanta. One of its   Facebook announcements, as well as dedicated
        most engaging and most valuable resources is DeKalb County              live streaming of events and additional
        Television or DCTV, Channel 23.                                         VOD content on the official DeKalb County
                                                                                Government and DCTV webpages.
                                                                                   In late 2016, DeKalb County began
           DCTV launched a full programming roster   more than 10 national awards for excellence in   managing DeKalb’s Public Access Channel,
        more than 15 years ago and produces county-  programming, including an EMMY for its 2006   “DeKalb 25.” DeKalb 25 provides broadcasting
        related programs and major features. With the   coverage of the funeral services of the late   accessibility to the public to foster
        mission of informing and entertaining the more   Coretta Scott King, the National Association   communication, education, and stimulate
        than 750,000 DeKalb residents, DCTV has earned   of Telecommunication Officers and Advisors   community dialog.

                                                                        DeKalb Chamber of Commerce     404-378-8000
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