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Quality of Life

        The Atlanta Hawks’ Nest

        in Brookhaven is designed for the future              By Bonnie Hunter  cryotherapy, sensory deprivation tanks, and

                                                                                in-ground hydrotherapy. Offering the most
                                                                                advanced treatments in preventative and
        Emory University and the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club have a           rehabilitative sports performance training, the
        partnership that is forging the future of sports medicine in Brookhaven.   privately funded complex is the product of HOK
                                                                                – a global design, architecture, engineering,
                                                                                and planning firm. HOK did not take on the
                                            Team. Emory’s state-of-the-art health and sports   project alone. The international firm, which
                                            medicine complex is a juggernaut of innovation.   also designed the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in
                                            It sits on a 5-acre campus, and as home to the   Downtown Atlanta, worked with local firms to
                                            Hawks, it is playfully referred to as the Nest.   create and complete the complex.
                                               Since 1968, the NBA team has been based       By drawing on the strengths of the
                                            in Atlanta and since 2017, they have perfected   community, such as the highly respected Emory
                                            their skills in Brookhaven. The Complex is also    University School of Medicine, to support and
                                            the hub of Emory’s Sports Medicine program    improve the performance and health of the
                                            and Sports Science and Research division,    Atlanta Hawks, the complex shows that great
                                            giving the Hawks immediate access to Emory’s   innovation takes teamwork. Coming together
           Within the walls of the 90,000-square-foot   world-class physicians.  for the greater good can create advances and
        Emory Sports Medicine Complex is the home of      The Nest features two full-length basketball   operations that are truly exceptional. This speaks
        the Atlanta Hawks training and practice facility,   courts, performance training areas, a film   to the spirit of DeKalb County, where the future is
        as well as the Hawks Basketball Operations   room, and a fully dedicated recovery area with   bright, collaborative, and state-of-the-art

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