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About DeKalb

        DeKalb County

                        Past, Present & Future

         DeKalb County is a growing international
         community with a robust labor pool.
         In fact, DeKalb is the most ethnically diverse
         county in the Southeastern United States. It
         is home to innovative industry leaders, highly
         respected colleges and universities, and
         exceptional workforce training programs –
         all culminating to create an environment
         where businesses and residents thrive.

                    Starting as an agrarian community almost
                 200 years ago, DeKalb County has grown from
                 a sleepy community of 2,500 to Georgia’s fourth   SPLOST
                 largest county. Rooted in the heart of Metro    Improving Transportation & Public Safety
                 Atlanta, DeKalb has four major interstates and   In 2017, voters approved a Special Purpose Local
                 sits minutes away from the world’s busiest airport   Option Sales Tax (SPLOST). The current SPLOST
                                                                 will run until 2024, during which it is expected to
                 – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.
                                                                 generate $636 million for capital improvements
                 The county ranks third in total labor force with   for the county and city governments of DeKalb
                 proximity to 1.7 million people from six counties,   County. DeKalb’s SPLOST is unique in that it exempts
                                                                 unprepared food and prescription medication from
                 and the median household income is well
                                                                 the additional sales tax. DeKalb also requires 85
                 above the state average. DeKalb County’s strong   percent of the SPLOST monies be spent specifically
                 economy and employment base continue to         on transportation and public safety-related projects.
                 expand, driving growth throughout the region.

              The History of DeKalb County

                     1822                      1853                     1864                       1865-

                  DeKalb becomes the      Fulton County was created –   Much of the Battle of   Subsistence farmers
                  56th county in Georgia.   until then, the entire    Atlanta takes place around   become businessmen, and
                                            city of Atlanta was in    the DeKalb County        agriculture becomes
                                              DeKalb County.           Courthouse and         a major economic force
                                                                     along DeKalb Avenue.     in the county, along with
                                                                                                granite quarrying.

          4      DeKalb Chamber of Commerce     404-378-8000
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